Some notes about the blog migration

I've opened a number of tickets with the blog migration team. Some of the issues have been fixed. The most significant remaining one is that many redirects from the old site are still broken.

In particular, the old URL redirects to instead of to

The solution when you see a bad redirect is to insert the missing b/. That will kick the redirection engine to send you to the correct final destination.

Well, sort-of. The final destination has a stray trailing slash, but the server doesn't seem to mind.

Any other issues you see with the migration, put them in the comments below.

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Boris says:

    The main issue I still notice is the color scheme; anything else feels minor and one-off by comparison.

    1. “The main issue I still notice is the color scheme…”

      …which I love, specifically when it comes to code snippets. And the font is supreme improvement.

  2. 12BitSlab says:

    Raymond, thanks for posting on the redirects. I haven’t been reading your blog as long as some others and truly appreciate going back and reading prior posts as it relates to a current post.

  3. Ben says:

    Sometimes search engine results seem to redirect to the wrong location; not sure if that is something the blog team can fix (maybe a HTTP 301 needs to be issued?) or if its something on the search engine’s side (maybe they just need a re-crawl and haven’t done so yet).

    I would second the color scheme issue; the colors are part of your brand! don’t give up on them, in the interim I’m using the Stylish script that a user wrote, and I LOVE it! I installed the extension for the sole purpose of reading this blog in its classic colors.

  4. MC says:

    I too miss the old (readable!) colour scheme and the blog fonts seem smaller. I know I can play with browser settings but would rather not. But these are just minor grumbles, it’s the content that we come for.

  5. skSdnW says:

    1) Really old bookmarks from before /b/ existed are also broken but hopefully they will get fixed by the /b/ fix.

    2) Sometimes forgets my login and clicking Sign In gives me a page with “NONCE_NAME mismatch. Expecting aad-sso-nonce”. Clicking the back to MSDN blogs link on that page and trying again seems to work without having to input credentials.

    1. Brian_EE says:

      I clicked the “Sign In” button to reply that I had seen the same NONCE_NAME error, and got the NONCE_NAME error.

  6. Sintendo says:

    Not really migration-related, but I’ll go ahead and complain about it here anyway: Segoe UI shows up as Times Roman on OS X, which looks terrible.

    1. Boris says:

      Second that.

    2. Nick says:

      Yeah, it’s really strange they didn’t put any fallbacks in the font list. It’s “Segoe UI” or nothing.

    3. Actually, this is something you can fix in your browser settings. Change the default font from Times New Roman to, say, Open Sans, Deja Vu, Roboto or Raleway. (You download them from Google Fonts.) Both Firefox and Chrome support changing the default font. As for Safari, I hope so, because it is Webkit-based.

  7. DWalker says:

    I have to click “sign in” every day, now, to post any replies. In the old blog, I didn’t have to do this.

    Also, I wonder why it’s so hard for the blog migration team to fix the missing “b”? Maybe they ran out out of b’s.

    1. Evan says:

      Can they just take a ‘d’ and put it in backwards?

  8. kinokijuf says:

    The migrated posts seem to have lost their subheadings.

    1. Not sure what you mean by the subheadings. The old site didn’t show the subheadings by default; it just showed the full article. The new site actually shows the subheadings (the one-sentence summary).

  9. Joshua says:

    Quite a lot of the fancy CSS/HTML got screwed up on import. Really should be fixed as … well … that was quite a lot of the generated culture here to see what Raymond was going to pull off with CSS next.

  10. Anon says:

    Seems like another migration where no one responsible actually thought of the users, or the UX…

  11. Ray Koopa says:

    Thanks for the info. I wonder if the team (or you if possible) could run a text replacement over your entries to fix the links, since I guess that this new blog platform will stay for a while.
    I mean, new users skipping through your articles will probably miss this one, and thus wonder why the links don’t work.
    Ah, why did the migration team had to change a running system.

    1. I’m leaving the links as they were because they will eventually be fixed when the migration team fixes up the redirects.

  12. __klg says:

    Rss is broken as well?

    1. DanWake says:

      I second this – some people do still use RSS!

    2. Matt Burke says:

      Yes, RSS is not working for me either. There’s also only a reference for the comments feed in the page source. No way to subscribe to new posts anymore!

  13. Márton says:

    I’m on latest Firefox, Windows 8, and the titles show up as Times New Roman, which makes them ugly.

  14. Lasse says:

    The main page looks pretty dull with just the headlines and the assorted oneline summaries. Take this for example:

    “The FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE flag applies to the handle, also known as the file object, which is not the same as the file” and “The file on disk, the representation of the file, and the reference to the representation of the file”. Very Zen koan.

    It also doesn’t give any clue as to what the posting is like; a really weird dream? An example? A customer problem (as it was in this case)?

    Would love to get the old summaries back.

  15. Bernard says:


    I used the RSS feed to download your articles, now it seems that there’s no more RSS ????

    Best regards,

    1. Klimax says:

      URL changed to WordPress-style:

      However, it wasn’t updated for new article today, so not sure WTF there… (Not advertised at all)

      1. Nick says:

        Thanks! :-)
        Finally I can link again; I tried all kinds of thing but it wasn’t discovered by IE Feeds; and existing ones gave weird errors of format etc…

    2. mikeb says:

      The old RSS feed I was using broke, in another article), someone (I’m too lazy to look it up to give proper credit) posted a comment with a currently working RSS feed link:

      Hopefully someone at “MSDN Blog Central” will notice (or be informed) that the blog pages don’t seem to have a RSS Feed link anymore and fix that.

    3. Rich Shealer says:

      I’ve also fallen behind on this blog since the change. SharpReader doesn’t like the alternative RSS links. It is old and maybe it is the https:// that is the issue. Maybe there is a better support reader out there. I was just successful in getting Outlook to subscribe.

    4. Marcos Kirchner says:

      The server is replying that RSS feed was modified on jan 15th, so my RSS reader is not picking up any News. Yeah, the News are there, but since the server replies with a 304-not modified the reader won’t bother downloading the content.

  16. skSdnW says:

    Todays article (RegOpenKey) comment count says 2 on this blogs front page and on but when I read the post it has 4 comments and they are several hours old so the server is too aggressive with its cache?

  17. NotThisMind says:

    Where is the notification system by e-mail on this blog? I really miss it.

    Other than that, the white background kinda bothers my eyes, but that’s because they’re sensitive… if you could make it a little more ‘contrasteable’ or something.

  18. Another John says:

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but the blog seems generally less responsive and I now get this message at the bottom left of the browser screen: “Failed to communicate with Z-Ray. Log into your Azure account or go to Online Help for a different solution.” A button on the right then takes me to a page which asks me to log into an Azure account (which I don’t have). Why on earth would I need an Azure account to read a blog?

    1. Another John says:

      In the spirit of this blog and “helping yourself” I’ve done a bit of digging and, although this isn’t my area, it seems as though there may be some server-side PHP debugging component involved which, I guess, may have been left on in production, for no apparent reason… Is this the correct set up for a production system?.

    2. Another John says:

      This behaviour appears to have stopped now. …

  19. Azarien says:

    I don’t like how it looks now.

  20. Song says:

    Well you mentioned the severe broken links issue, That shouldn’t have happen to begin with! Fire somebody, MS products suck as usual.

    So I have a big issue with the new style/theme of the new site.
    – Everything is too white and too little colors to clearly section off code and quotation sections.
    – The links are whitish blue and nearly invisible to the white background and whitish black text. (Think about the poor people with cheap lcd screens for crying out loud!)
    – The text size is too small and the font is too thin (you don’t think about people with bad eye sight, as usual!).
    – The theme hurts my eyes so badly that I had to apply css modification to make it look like the old blog. Fire who ever had that bad idea!
    – Oh and the comment system still sometimes error out. Fix it already!

    New blog have readability friendliness of 0 out of 10. No cookies for you!

  21. Nick says:

    A bit off topic; but while I was having all these issues with feeds not showing, not being found, errors…
    I was wondering what other people use as RSS Reader.
    The one in IE is very good but Edge/FF/Chrome doesn’t have it and I want my daily feeds. So what tool do you guys use; it seems hard to find a good/free one. And annoying that it needs to be separate from te browser. :-(

  22. Adrian says:

    The individual items in the RSS feed for the new blog all link back to the blog’s home page instead of the individual posts. This makes it hard to distinguish between read and unread posts in a feed aggregator and makes getting to a particular post an extra step.

  23. StefanH says:

    I have been unable to get Outlook 2016 to subscribe to this and other MSDN blogs since the migration. Even though I am using the URL which Firefox can subscribe to, Outlook cannot: “Outlook cannot download the RSS content from ( because of a problem connecting to the server.” I also tried it with “http” instead of “https” but to no avail.

  24. Piotr Siódmak says:

    Come on guys, don’t just go around breaking the RSS feeds! How am I supposed to know anything happened? I don’t visit every blog each day – I let RSS do that for me. That’s why I can’t move to Edge and Win10.

  25. Boris says:

    It’s 0727 PST, no daily post.

    1. I need to open a ticket on this. The blog dashboard occasionally fails to post an article and reports it as “Missed schedule”, and I have to go back and manually repost it.

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