2015 year-end link clearance

The year-end link clearance is here! You may have noticed that the link clearances are getting shorter and shorter. I may have to cut back to only one link clearance per year.

And the new obligatory plugs for my appearances on Channel9:

The idea is that the One Dev Minute team come to my office every so often and I spend an hour or so answering around ten questions they bring to me. We'll see how long this will go before they or I (or the audience) gets sick of it.

Bonus chatter: This article [warning: autoplaying audio advertisement] contains the caption "This edition of the Microsoft Encarta digital encyclopedia came on massive laserdiscs." I can't tell if they took us literally or they are just continuing the joke. That is actually a novelty display box. The box is empty. There was no monster-sized laserdisc with a custom laserdisc player. Also, the title of that linked article is incorrect; I'll take responsibility for that one because I was being glib in my chatter. (I didn't realize that I was going to be quoted on a news site.) I'll clear it up in a future Dev Minute.

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  1. lister says:

    The first time I was in Taiwan and heard the garbage truck jingle:

    Me: “Ice cream man?”
    Friend: “Uh no. Try garbage truck”
    Me: “Oh.” :-(

    Now it’s a bit of a joke. Anytime I’m over there and hear the jingle I’ll yell “ICE CREAM MAN!!!” Back here in North America when I hear an ice cream truck I’ll yell “GARBAGE MAN!!!”

  2. Here is a little something that helps improve future link clearance articles:

    Wikipedians call it WP:EGG and use it to improve their articles.

    1. voo says:

      Oh that sucks, didn’t hear anything about this until now :(

    2. cheong00 says:

      It sad to hear that. He has been such a valuable resources on i18n related things. :~~

    3. Nico says:

      That’s very saddening to hear, but thank you for sharing it. Michael and Raymond were my must-read blogs for a long time. I’m still irritated that his MSDN blog was shut down and deleted — no idea what precipitated that, but it was such a trove of valuable information that to see it discarded was horrible.

      PS: Raymond, the last few blog entries from last year are closed for comments. Intended?

      1. I bumped the comment period to two weeks. (Default was one week.)

      2. GregM says:

        “I’m still irritated that his MSDN blog was shut down and deleted — no idea what precipitated that, but it was such a trove of valuable information that to see it discarded was horrible.”

        http://www.siao2.com not only has most if not all of the old articles, it has the story of why, or at least part of why.

    4. Ben says:

      Oh wow, sorry to hear about MichKa :( I with many others enjoyed reading his Blog along with Raymonds

    5. Alex Cohn says:

      Oh this is very sad news. He was a man of great courage and humour, and a guru blogger in very important and under-represented field. I would expect some obituary from MS even though technically his employment had been cancelled before his death.

  3. BZ says:

    “The Windows 96 ship party”
    I hope you mean Windows 95. I remember using a custom Windows 95 boot screen that said “Windows 96 with Internet Explorer 4”. Everybody thought there’d be a Windows 96 for some reason (My shutdown screen was Brain from “Pinky and the Brain” saying “You may now turn off your simple computer”. Ah, the memories)

  4. Jan Ringoš says:

    I was relieved when I heard Raymond say that he works on new user interface infrastructure. It actually quite bolstered my confidence in those parts.

  5. Brian_EE says:

    Interesting the link regarding compatibility and API hooking. That tool is one I used to use daily when I was using FPGAs to prototype custom ASICs several years ago.

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