I want you to chase your sisters until they throw up

A friend of mine grew up in a rural area. The family got their water from a well and had to fluoridate it manually with tablets.

When my friend was a little girl, she was playing around the house with one of her friends (let's call her friend Alice). They got into the kitchen cabinet and found these candy-like things and ate them. When her mother discovered that they had eaten fluoride tablets, she called the poison control center for advice. In addition to telling her to give the girls something-or-other, they instructed her to keep the girls moving until they vomited up the tablets.

As it happens, my friend's brother and Alice's brother were playing outside. The boys were called inside, informed of what happened, and instructed to keep their sisters moving and try to get them to throw up.

The boys couldn't believe their ears. You want us to chase our sisters until they throw up? This must be what heaven is like!

The boys assumed their responsibilities with great enthusiasm, chasing the girls around the yard, putting them in a swing and spinning them around, all the stuff brothers dream of doing to torment their sisters, but this time they could do it without fear of punishment. Fortunately, the story had a happy ending. The girls soon vomited up the tablets and thereby avoided two horrible fates: (1) fluoride poisoning and (2) being forced to endure torture from their brothers in perpetuity.

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  1. mastmaker says:

    One of the most enduring memories of our (i.e. My youngest sister and I) childhood is pseudo-tickle the sister in between us (i.e. put our hands NEAR her tummy and PRETEND we are tickling her). But she would rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably and begging us to stop. And we would say: 'Stop what? We aren't even touching you!'

  2. 12BitSlab says:

    I never had a sister — two brothers.  If my parents had told me to terrorize one of the others until they puked, I can assure all that I would have done my duty as a good son!   :)

  3. Ian Yates says:

    I think it's great they fluoridated the water themselves (rather than having no fluoridation at all).  We've had fluoridation in our city's water for a few years now but there was a scare campaign when it first came in to the point where the ignorance was fashionable enough to wear on your sleeve.  It was fun to point out that tap water also had chlorine added to it :)

  4. cheong00 says:

    Actually I wonder for a long time… why should we fluoridate water if we already have plenty of fluoride in our toothpaste?

  5. Mark VY says:

    @cheong00: I wonder the opposite: why bother with the toothpaste if it's in the water.  You can't help drinking, but brushing teeth is work.

  6. -Sander1981- says:

    @Mark VY: Brushing has other advantages ;)

  7. cheong00 says:

    @Mark VY: Toothpaste contains ingredients that repair / written your teeth, relieve your sensitivity teeth and so on. But the primary use is to reduce the friction damage to teeth surface.

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