It’s not too late (okay maybe it’s too late) to get this gift for the physicist who has everything

A LEGO set to measure Planck's constant.

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  1. Michael Dudley says:

    A LEGO Watt Balance: An apparatus to demonstrate the definition of mass based on the new SI

  2. hohoho says:

    Maybe for the experimentalist who has everything. Give that to a theorist and they'll probably build something that measures a value that's off by 120 orders of magnitude.

  3. Boris says:

    I favor distributing the gift-giving workload evenly among the 365.2425 days of a year, peforming the action on a need-to-gift basis as opposed to following any of these artificial, socially-predetermined occassions.

  4. Another John says:

    @ Boris

    Birthdays then… How artificial / socially predetermined are those occasions?

  5. Boris says:

    @John – I'd say they're pretty close. Instead of specifying the deadline by value, e.g. "December 25 of every year", you just specify it by reference as "the day and month of birth".

    My gifts to friends and close family tend to consist of movie tickets which I buy for everyone, restaurant bills which I pay for everyone, previous iterations of iPhones and iPads which I give away instead of selling on eBay (too much hassle, and it's easier if the people I may need to family-tech-support are all on a similar page). I usually get the same in return. However, I don't expect any birthday or holiday gifts, so I don't bother with all that figure-out-what-the-person-may-need-then-hope-for-the-best.

  6. Marc K says:

    @Boris: I feel the same way.  I hope our movement gains momentum and then eventually overtakes the convention of using socially-predetermined occasions.  Though, I haven't figured out how to handle little kids.  If I apply this philosophy to my (future) kids, I think the other kids at school won't understand gifts 365 days a year versus big events like Christmas and birthdays.  Plus, if there's a kid birthday party, I can't see sending my kid to it without a gift knowing all the other kids are bringing them.

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