Revival of the Daleks: Act One, Scene One

In 2009, a group of volunteers on a routine cleanup of a pond in Hampshire, England discovered a Dalek.

(Later in the episode, the story may introduce a scientist who is thawing out a 30,000-year-old-virus.)

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  1. Withad says:

    The guy's shock at finding it reminds me of a great story Sylvester McCoy tells in the DVD extras of Remembrance of the Daleks. Apparently the pyrotechnics were sufficiently realistic that the emergency services showed up, thinking there had been a bombing. Instead, they got quite a fright when a trio of Daleks trundled towards them out of a cloud of smoke.

  2. Euro Micelli says:

    I've watched Doctor Who on and off since I was a kid. If you have too, here's a mental challenge: imagine yourself in the position of cleaning up a pond (in the UK of course). You're thinking about whatever and with no warning at all, you lift something out of the water and find yourself facing the instantly familiar figure of.. a dalek. Surely, you will be *thrilled*, after all you just found an original prop from a famous TV show. You might find yourself *puzzled*: "uh? how did this end up here?". But the real question is: will you find yourself, even for the tiniest fraction of a second… *frightened*? Will it take just an instant, before you are able to remind yourself "they are not real"?

    I don't know. I think I would be. Even though I never found the show scary. I think such images have a way to weave themselves in the subconscious, particularly that of a young mind.

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