Warehouse holding 1000 cans of surströmming burns to the ground, insert punch line here

A warehouse in Sweden holding 1000 cans of surströmming burned to the ground last week. No people were injured.

The cans of surströmming, already prone to violent decompression under normal conditions, exploded over a period of six hours. Some of them turned into projectiles and shot through the air.

No information on what effect this will have on the supply of surströmming ice cream. I knew you were wondering.

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  1. Harold H20 says:

    "Surströmming is even classified as hazardous material by some airlines."

    Ironically, when airlines banned Surströmming from planes back in 2006 the producers of the "delicacy" called the decision "culturally illiterate" and said "It is a myth that the tinned fish can explode."

  2. speculating says:

    I imagine that the only effect it can have on the supply of the ice cream is positive.

  3. I didn't even know what Surströmming was before reading this. (I checked Wikipedia.) Is it something that Microsoft employees love?

  4. Christian says:

    This is a catastrophe! Imagine how you must cut down on your snaps consumption! I think that the reason for surströming is to get an GOOD excuse drinking lot of snaps.

    BTW – it actually tastes good if you close your nostrils before consumting :)

    I don't think the can will explode by itself. It was the heat that made it explode.

    For "normal" consumption you must observe two rules:

    1. Don't open indoor

    2. Open the can below water to take the pressure with the can is punctured

  5. j b says:

    Rumours are that the European Union will no longer allow production and sale of surströmming. The water in Botniska Viken is so polluted that pepople who eat surströmming regularly could be seriously poisoned. I have friends who invite to a surströmming-party once a year, and if the rumours are true, we may have to stock cans for the next umpteen years. I hope someone will develop a remote-controlled can-opening robot before the pressure in the cans build up to dangerous levels.

  6. Erik F says:

    My parents introduced me to lots of Norwegian foods (wonderful stuff like lefse, rosettes and krumkake!) but conveniently "forgot" about lutefisk. Now I know why. At least lutefisk can be classified as "somewhat edible" compared to surströmming :-)

  7. No One says:

    Okay, so surströmming, I kind of understand.  Oh, we don't have enough salt in this batch.  Huh, it's not killing us when we eat it.  Hey, it saves precious salt!

    Rotten shark is yet another food that I don't understand how humanity ever got around to eating.  Wow, this shark kills us from the inside if we eat it.  I wonder what happens if I let it rot until it smells like cat piss?  Oh, it doesn't kill us anymore *even though it still tastes like cat piss* so we should make more of it!

  8. davep says:

    Fleet Command: "Is it something that Microsoft employees love?"

    No, Raymond is a "strange attractor" for odd (cultural/Swedish/etc) storieds. That is, propery of "Raymond" (not "Microsoft").

  9. Its the gift that counts says:

    Because we "love" microsoft so much we really need to send lots of surströmming cans to them.

    Perhaps with a device that will automatically open the can when it have reached its destination. For that extra cherry on the top love.

    Leaving one of these cans open and hidden in an office or home and it will smell for days. Such a fun prank to play.

    Somebody passing by suggested baking a cake with diarrhea inducing medicine. Hilarious when the office or home do not have enough toilets available.

  10. Kalle says:

    @Its the gift that counts:

    Even better a surströmming cake!

    *Ponders for a second if I should make one. Feeling hungry. Will it work in a amörgåstårta ("sandwich-cake" see wikipedia)?

    Mmhh amörgåstårta.

  11. imichi says:

    @Kirby FC Is it the can itself or what's inside that is considered hazardous material?

    Would they allow me to transport the contents if I put the surströmming in another container… while in the airport?

    That would be a fun experiment.

    On that note: How bad can you smell before they refuse to allow you on the plane?

    How do surströmming compare to nattō?

    @Raymond Do you like surströmming?

  12. Andreas Rejbrand says:

    Kalle: Det heter "smörgåstårta". Och jag älskar smörgåstårta, speciellt den "vanliga" typen med rullad ost, skinka, gurka, tomat m.m. (Däremot vet jag inte hur nyttigt det är…)

    Se dessa aptitretande bilder: http://www.google.se/search

    (This post is partly an exercise in Swedish for Raymond.)

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