The new research citation format, if students got to design it


¹ The Internets.
² Ibid.
³ Ibid.

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  1. Thomas Hanke says:

    Could be more specific, but worse:


    After explaining twice that this is  no way to  do anything.

  2. IntertubR says:

    Iz onlee wan tru citashun fuhrmatz.

  3. Gabe says:

    I'm pretty sure that if students designed it, they wouldn't use Latin ("Ibidem?"). They would probably just use "Ditto" or simply ''.

  4. Ondra says:

    "Ctrl+C Ctrl+V" is the new "ibid".

  5. Benjamin says:

    And here is the new copyright attribution format, as traditional media got to design it:

    Video source: youtube

    Photo source: twitter

  6. Joe says:

    Plagiarism would only be punished if you forget to remove the [[citation needed]] tag

  7. Joshua says:

    That sucks worse than a black hole from 3mm. URLs exist for a reason.

  8. Sometimes I see this one Wikipedia. Fortunately, they are quickly fixed by the powers-to-be.

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