Sometimes my dreams are entirely uneventful

I dreamed that I was washing dishes with my lovely wife.

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  1. Obvious says:

    A cloth would be better.

  2. Oso says:

    That sounds like a lovely dream.

  3. 12BitSlab says:

    So……  Your dream was a nightmare?  :)

  4. j b says:

    I can imagine several quite excting events – or rather classes of events – that could occur between me and my wifte while doing dishes.

  5. Perhaps this is some kind or Turing or Voight-Kampff test? Raymond may be testing us through our replies to a completely different dream, as Deckard tests Rachel with the famous question about the upside-down turtle… Or I may be reading too much between the lines :-P .

  6. Lev says:

    @Antonio 'Grijan'

    It is indeed curious why Raymond would write a post absolutely devoid of content. My guess is that he's cleared his five-year blog post queue, and that blogging has somehow become a goal on his annual performance review. At least, this seems to be the least implausible explanation.

    [It's to show that not all of my dreams are weird. -Raymond]
  7. Brandon Wilson says:

    The simple intimacy of this is beautiful.

  8. It's been while since I am following this blog but I still can't understand the point of dream posts. I can simply not read them and pay no attention but am I missing something?

  9. Francesco says:

    @Fleet Command you're apparently missing the fact that Raymond decides to write what he likes, he's not under any obligation to provide some pre-agreed content. So, I take them simply as his choice of how to occupy his time, assuming that he likes to share such creations of his mind. Simple, no? For the time being, it's dreams on monday. We'll see, if we'll care, what the future will bring. By the way, Raymond, thanks for taking your time to write on this platform.

  10. John says:

    @Fleet Command As I don't program for Windows anymore, I usually don't read the Win32 posts. The dream posts and other non-computer stuff are what keep bringing me back.

  11. Mike says:

    Did you go home that night and say "honey you do the dishes I did them last time" that would be perfect :)

  12. Katie says:


    My wife tried that – our 3-year-old was sick the other night and woke up a few times. We usually take turns for things like that, and I ended up having to calm him down and get him back to bed when he woke up at about 2:30 in the morning. The next time he woke up she tried to tell me that she dealt with him last time and it was my turn. Then she remembered that she calmed him down by watching cows graze in our front lawn, and admitted that it must have just been a dream.

  13. @Francesco: Hi. I am fully aware of the right to write; I was asking for the point, i.e. the reason, goal, aim, etc. But you are saying he gets a kick out writing these? Hmmm… Let's just say "Wow!"

  14. John Doe says:

    The feeling of "I dreamed that I was <doing something> with my lovely <nuclear family member>" is timeless and very inspiring. It reminds us the kind of inexplicable attachment we have with the ones we love the most.

  15. John Doe says:

    @Fleet Command, I guess you like it when someone you know from nowhere comes to your personal space/blog and says "I really don't understand why you say/post these things. What's the point? Jeez!"

    Well, how about just silently stop following the blog, then? Are we children yet?

    Do you see something awefully wrong here? I don't. This isn't the "Official Win32 Strictly Technical Blog (Mainly About Old Stuff)", it's Raymond's blog.

    I mean, I don't recall any blog being as much attacked for "hey, this post doesn't meet my expectations" as this one. It's as if people demand Raymond to be, do or say/write something, and thinking they're in their right and/or duty to do so.

    [The non-technical articles are tagged so people who don't want to see them can filter them out. (There is a corresponding audience of people who particularly enjoy the non-technical articles, so there you go.) -Raymond]
  16. Mott555 says:

    I like the non-technical posts, please don't stop them! Usually they're entertaining, and this one is entertaining in a meta-way.

    I only skim the Win32 stuff because I rarely dip into Win32. I usually enjoy CLR week though. Also, the "It involved being on the wrong side of the airtight hatch" series is inspiring to me when it comes to secure programming, though it's usually pretty common-sense.

    Point is Raymond has a diverse audience, so he has a diverse range of topics as well. There's something for everyone.

  17. – [It's to show that not all of my dreams are weird. -Raymond]

    When the majority of your dreams are weird, to have a dream that isn't weird is itself weird.

    Hence, all your dreams /are/ weird.  :)

  18. Jacqueline says:

    "A cloth would be better" – Captain Obvious, might be juvenile but that managed to elicit a real guffaw from me! :D

  19. @ John Doe: Hi. You assume bad faith unnecessarily. Apart from that, people *have* come to my blog and asked me why I wrote what I wrote. In fact I hold myself responsible to tell them. Curiosity shows regards. In other words, they actually care so much about my writing that ask me questions about it. Yet, somehow, you see all these as instance of childish exhibition of extreme disgust? I assure you, it is not intended.

    As for your second question, no, I was a reader of Windows Confidential on MSDN magazine.

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