Facilities jargon: Energize

Over in the product engineering groups, we aren't often exposed to the jargon employed by our Facilities group. But once in a while, it leaks through and then we get to puzzle it out.

Emergency Electrical Outage and Restoral

Due to a transformer failure, power to building NNN was shut down from 6:00am to 6:30am on MMMM-DD.

Occupants may need to re-energize their office equipment.

From what we can gather, re-energize is just a fancy way of saying turn on.

Bonus jargon: Restoral.

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  1. Joshua says:

    With industrial equipment it's nontrivial.

  2. Alex says:

    What building was it, the Enterprise?

    "Scotty, re-energize the Forward Polarization Modulator!"

  3. Brian_EE says:

    @Joshua: It specifically said "office equipment". Anyway, if the building contained equipment requiring specialized powerup requirements/sequencing, then they should have made sure that the breakers were thrown prior to restoration of the electrical supply.

    I was more disappointed that selecting the black text on black background didn't highlight the actual building and date.

  4. ErikF says:

    The building was actually named "Nosebleed" :-)

  5. MaxP says:

    re-energize your office-static-charge-glass-rod by rubbing it with your office-cats fur.

    you can then use it for your office-prank-policy restoral.

  6. Anon says:

    When I worked in a grocery years back, we had to do this. Had to throw some huge breakers to disable each zone before the system was re-energized from outside.

    Once, the system failed to trip and disable all of the outside breakers when the power was cut, and it blew a hole in the backup generators when the power came back up…

  7. anyfoo says:

    Hmm. Sometimes there actually is a reason why people within their specific domain tend to use a buzzy sounding word, usually because the more common word is technically just slightly incorrect, and people tend to forget that people outside the domain do not really care.

    As a simple example, if there was something like a mandatory (possibly transparent) HTTP proxy in a company, and that proxy would be down, a system administrator might inform the user that browsing the web is not possible instead of more colloquially saying that "the Internet is not available". Technically, that's just not really true, even if most non-technical users may not care that the Internet is more than websites.

    But in this case I really don't see how "turned back on" would be wrong.

  8. morlamweb says:

    I've heard of "energized" used in this context, mainly in publications on home electrical work; as in, "use a non-contact voltage tester to make sure that the cable is not energized before starting work."  "Restoral" is a new one for me.  Perhaps it's a short form of "Restoration"?

  9. "Restoral" seems to be a perfectly good word; first use 1605-15. It is indeed a short form of "restoration."


  10. Gabe says:

    That may be electrician jargon rather than facilities jargon (i.e. a roof guy or HVAC guy may not know what it means any more than you do). I've heard it used in the electric power industry in reference to things like circuits, power lines, transformers, generator field coils, and the like, but nowhere else.

  11. Katie says:

    In industrial settings "energized" is used when talking about a system using any energy source. A machine that is unplugged may still be energized because it is connected to a compressed air line, a mechanical spring is in tension or a large weight hasn't been lowered. Part of safely servicing that sort of equipment is recognizing the energy sources and knowing the procedure to "de-energize" it. However, I've never seen re-energize used to discuss the reverse process.

  12. xpclient says:

    When will the Windows Shell team re-energize the importance of choice? I am still waiting for the restoral of auto sorting behavior being made optional in Explorer.

  13. Joshua says:

    The day after xpclient disavows all computer usage.

  14. Roy says:

    Have you tried de-energizing and re-energizing it again?

  15. Jerome says:

    @xpclient… Unless Raymonmd wrote that feature himself, I don't see why all your repeated comments about it are even vaguely relevant.

    But… +1 for not using sarcasm tags psycodedeveloper.wordpress.com/…/internet-crimes…

  16. xpclient says:

    @Jerome, because it's a serious issue which affects everyday work and all the so-called usability "experts" at MS don't get it. Raymond could certainly get it fixed if he wanted to.

    [You seem to think this is a very easy thing to change. It's actually very hard because the insides of Explorer were completely rewritten (notice that it doesn't use a list view control any more), so it's not like there's a single change that I can just back out. (It also means that I no longer understand the code, since it was rewritten since I last worked on it.) -Raymond]

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