If you had to deal with preschoolers all day, you’d need a nap too

Today, I'm turning it around: This is a dream that one of my friends had about me!

She dreamed that she took her camera to school to take some pictures, possibly for the yearbook. She was somewhat surprised to discover that I was the new preschool teacher. When she popped in to my classroom to get a couple of pictures of me, she wasn't able to take any: Apparently, my new position was so exhausting that I'd had to take a nap on the king-size classroom bed...

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  1. cheong00 says:

    A king-size classroom bed in preschool class… What a view!

    Btw, I don't remember that I have nap time at kindergarten, anyone know that is it common now?

  2. Gabe says:

    cheong00: My daughter takes a blanket to preschool for nap time. It wouldn't surprise me if they have it in kindergarten next year, too.

  3. Rich S. says:

    I remember taking a nap in Kindergarten around 1967 in Pittsburgh, PA. I never went to preschool, so it's not a confused memory. All these years later I wish I could take more naps!

  4. kog999 says:

    I’m not much of a dream interpreter but she had a dream about seeing you on a bed, both of you surrounded by children. Is this friend perhaps single?

  5. Lee says:

    I remember the class having nap time on the floor in *second grade* in Salt Lake City in the mid-1970s. I know it wasn't earlier because it was in the building the school moved to just before my second grade year. What I don't remember is whether it was a regular part of the schedule or a one-off.

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