A practical reason for shutting down for the Mayan apocalyse

I dreamed that Costco announced that they were closing for the Mayan apocalypse and would reopen two weeks later. Not because they believed in it. Rather, because that was their estimate as to how long it would take people to get through their stockpiles and be ready to go shopping again.

Curiously, I had this dream several weeks after the apocalypse date had passed.

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  1. Dave says:

    Maybe you (dreamt that you) were watching the news?

  2. Pseudo-Anonymous says:

    I wonder how would Costco open after the apocalypse, given that the Mayan apocalypse supposedly marks the "end of the world".

  3. Nick says:

    > I had this dream several weeks after the apocalypse date had passed.

    Apocalypses (apcalypsii? apcalypoxen?) are never passed — they're simply delayed. :)

  4. Falcon says:


    Note the sentence: "Not because they believed in it."

  5. Pseudo-Anonymous says:


    I realized that Costco didn't believe in it. But still, it would be interesting for them to open after the apocalypse.


    The plural of apocalypse is Apocalypses.

  6. ErikF says:

    I hope that they don't withhold taxes from your pay after the end of the world. That would be annoying.

  7. Tigg says:

    That is actually barmy enough to be plausible. I certainly can see a wholesaler temporarily adjusting the JIT inventory management system while they wait for their customers to work their way through their stockpiles.

  8. Nick says:

    > The plural of apocalypse is Apocalypses.

    You must be a hoot at parties.

  9. Pseudo-Anonymous says:

    "You must be a hoot at parties."

    I realized that you would say that. I do find it clever that the answer to your question was in said question.

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