Nighttime pictures of London and Tokyo

Some eye candy for you: Stunning pictures of London from above at night, more of London from above at night.

Tokyo at night, though from ground level, one of a series of photo walks.

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  1. I do love London and everything, but those roundabouts going the wrong way always make me feel unconfortable…

  2. Dave says:

    @Matteo: I can assure you, the roundabouts are going the right way. Us Brits would feel uncomfortable with them the other way around!

  3. @Dave: if it's of any consolation to you, here in Italy the situation before the 30s was completely crazy:

    «In Vicenza they kept right, but in the province of Verona they kept left. Interrogated about it, the prefect explained that the decision was took in 1907 to ease the installation of tramways. Unfortunately, after 15 years, still people didn't follow strictly the ordinance, and accidents happened every day […]

    In Ravenna they kept right but, in the street for Porto Corsini, for «ancient tradition» they stayed on the left. In Bergamo they kept left, in Brescia right. In the province of Como they kept left, but in the surroundings of Varese and Lecco «they mostly kept right». […]

    In some towns near Catalnissetta they drove on the left, while the prefect of Trapani declared that in his city they «usually» kept right «but not always»; indeed, the cart drivers feared motorized vehicles and, when these got nearby, they moved towards the center of the road, thus on the left, to reduce the risk that the animals, scared by the cars, got out of the road […] but they risked to get into the faster cars coming from the other direction, with the predictable catastrophic consequences. The province of Perugia, for this reason, had an extremely high mortality. […]

    In Milan, Turin, Genoa, La Spezia, Savona, Parma and even in Rome they decided to drive on the left; at the edge of the city, though, a sign warned the drivers to move immediately on the right.»

    (here the original article in Italian:…/quando-italia-si-butto-destra.html )

  4. cheong00 says:

    I found these Ferris Wheels always a nice addition to the night views of a city.

  5. Eric TF Bat says:

    @Matteo: funny you'd mention that.  I'm in Australia, where we also drive on the left (something about nations that were conquered by or allied with the French driving on the right, vs all the rest driving on the left) and I was most annoyed with Google Maps in its early years.  The directions for driving on roundabouts all assumed you were driving on the right, so going counter-clockwise on the roundabouts.  Suppose you're on the south road heading north to a roundabout with exists in all four cardinal directions.  If your journey required you to turn right, Google Maps would say "take the first exit", which is incorrect.  They fixed it some time in the mid-noughties, I believe, because it's fine now.

  6. Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing these Raymond. Incredible pictures.

  7. Neil says:

    Well at least nobody here is calling them traffic circles.

  8. Muzer says:

    Traffic circles? Is that what UFOs create when they land in a road rather than a field?

  9. @Eric: I always found those indications in roundabouts confusing anyway – if they tell me "take the third exit" I still have to look at the screen to get what direction it actually is. For me, the solution would be to tell the angle you have to cover over the roundabout ("at the next roundabout, take the exit at 120 degrees"), bonus points for indications in radians; but I can see that not many people would find such a system intuitive. :)

  10. Nick says:

    @Neil: Traffic circles are different from roundabouts.

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