I wonder what sort of efficiency that house gets on the Autobahn

I dreamed that I discovered a path behind my house that led to a playground. It also led to the house of one of my friends. To access to the path from her house, you had to swing the stove away from the wall, exposing a secret door.

Also, she drove her house to Europe. ("No need to pack your suitcases, kids. We're taking the whole house!")

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  1. cheong00 says:

    One thing that I always wonder regarding these "mobile homes" is that, is there any standard for the sewage and electricity socket to the parking lot?

  2. Nicholas says:

    More houses need secret doors.

    I remember being quite impressed as a kid when I first heard about trailer/mobile homes.  The concept of living in a home that you could just *drive* somewhere else was groundbreaking to me and I wondered why everybody didn't live in one of these advanced homes.

    The optimistic naivety of children is often refreshing :)

  3. Cesar says:

    @cheong00: for electricity, there are some standards (see for instance en.wikipedia.org/…/IEC_60309). No idea about the plumbing, but there are probably standards for it too.

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