The secret lair of Administrative Assistants

I dreamed that a colleague and I were looking for a copy of a TN3270 emulator in order to investigate a bug. The search took us into an abandoned-looking Building 5. But upon entering, we discovered that Building 5 was actually the secret lair of all the Administrative Assistants.

Oh, and we eventually found the bug in TN3270. It was an application bug that caused it to leave the laser on for too long in one spot, causing it to burn your thumb.

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  1. This sounds uncanningly like the infamous Therac-25 bugs…

  2. spork says:

    You kids today have it so easy. When I started coding, we had to scan the raster ourselves.

  3. ChuckOp says:

    Was Charu or LeeArya there?  Mary (BradSi assistant) taught me early on that a good relationship with the GA's/AA's was key to workplace happiness.

  4. JDP says:

    This is a far more fascinating story if you miss the first 3 words.

  5. Destroyer says:

    Every programmer should know the events of Therac-25. Tragic and chilling, some very important lessons to be learnt…. Unthinkable that they left a single programmer to write all the code without any checking, and the mistakes that were made. The thing is we all make mistakes, and we are all beginners at some stage, it's not about that, but if I was writing the code for a life or death machine like that, there is no way I could function in my job unless I KNEW my code was being peer reviewed, I just couldn't do my job.

    AFAIK no information about the programmer was ever released, I wonder what he went onto…

  6. AK says:

    Sorry to be harsh, but nobody cares about your dreams, Raymond.…/5-things-you-love-to-discuss-that-nobody-else-cares-about

    Yes, I'm using Cracked magazine as a citation.

  7. Scarlet Manuka says:

    Do I care about them? Perhaps not. Do I enjoy reading about them? Yes.

  8. mappu says:

    I enjoy them too (although i don't get to read them until Tuesday because of my timezone). Maybe all the Win32 programming makes you fond of surreality : )

  9. @AK:

    That might be true if they felt that it was important, but Raymond isn't passing it off as that. These are about amusing and weird dreams that we all have at times.

    I had a dream once where a terrorist cell took over a stationary store. Important? No. Amusing and funny? Yes. That is all.

  10. Laz says:

    First the assault weapons, now the lasers… should we be worried and stock up on EMPs to fend off a hypothetical robot army?

  11. Presumably their Lair is where they keep those tools that you can never find without them. Imagine all the staplers.

    [Could be. It was very lair-like, with dim lighting, candles, that sort of thing. Staplers could be in there. No one would ever know. -Raymond]
  12. JDP says:

    @AK: Look at you, having wrong opinions on things.

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