State law requires you to watch this video of a singing hippo

I did it briefly a few years ago, but I'm going to make it a regular Monday feature, at least for this year: Blogging my dreams.

I dreamed that I was back in my high school English class, and due to some new state law, everybody was required to watch this video of a singing hippo. The hard part was walking four miles to the nearest viewing location, seeing as we didn't even have a TCP/IP standard yet, much less YouTube.

To think that this is the culmination of the technological advances of the last three decades: Being able to watch a singing hippo on demand.

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  1. Matt says:

    This is why milk and cookies before bed-time is a bad thing.

  2. prunoki says:

    Embedding disabled by request. That is what I get instead of the hyppo. Dommage.

  3. E says:

    The real culmination of the technological advances of the last three decades is blocking this video in Germany.

  4. Torrin says:

    I'm sure the song is copyrighted and the uploader of the video doesn't have permission to use it.  That's probably way it's block/embedding disabled/etc.

  5. Joseph says:

    I highly recommend to you all Rian Malan's Rolling Stone article about the origins of the song:…/mbube2.html

  6. Dreamer of Dreams says:

    I never watched a video of a singing hippo in high school. Does this mean my diploma is invalid and I have to go through high school all over again?

  7. Killer{R} says:

    hm.. can someone comment why law required to see this singing hippo? may be its some kind of zomification: hypnohippo?…

  8. chentiangemalc says:

    if you open the video in it works. that being said raymond i still love your "Don't you hate it when someone leaks a ref to your clothes?" post … great geeky dream :)

  9. Michael Dwyer says:

    You might have better luck by starting from the artist's page:  Then you find out that, in addition to the "Pat and Stan" singing hippo, he's also responsible for the Despicable Me minions…  Here's as official as you can get with Youtube:

  10. German anonymouse coward says:

    Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.

    So far for State law.

  11. Some kind of leading person says:

    Zat's because Cherman lah ist zupreme to effry shtate lah.

  12. Steven Richmond says:

    Strangely, on my end, about 60% of the time I see this post, the video is "Kwanzaa Cake" with a Food Network logo in the corner.

  13. Sehe says:

    Whoa. When I dream about Youtube videos, they don't actually turn out to exist when I wake up. You must have had some powerful dream!

  14. Ian says:

    Arrgh… Can't… get… song… out… of… my… head!

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