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And, as always, the obligatory plug for my column in TechNet Magazine:

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  1. AC says:

    'The bottom border of the cake was slightly restyled in transit: "border-bottom: none;"'

    'More like border-bottom:ruined;'

    CSS jokes. Nerdy, but priceless

  2. Joshua says:

    Reference: The Service Pack Shuffle

    There's one other case for needing to detect whether or not a particular update has been installed.

    I had a case where on Windows XP SP2, installing a specific component of my application would result in a bluescreen that could not be easily cleared from safe mode (Windows Installer doesn't run in safe mode on XP). There was a particular update required to be able to install, so I checked for it by checking the version number of one of the files in the update (I believe it was kernel32.dll but that's not important). I got lucky and it wasn't one of those dual-mode updates (released between SP2 and SP3) so a simple greater-than version check did the job. Had it been such an update I don't know what I would have done. Calling Windows Update Agent would have been out of the question as I had to function without internet access (meaning WUA could theoretically not know of the update's existance) and the problem was so bad that I couldn't allow the install to continue.

  3. Neil says:

    @Joshua: So if for whatever reason the user tried to reinstall SP2 they would immediately blue screen?

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    If you are to read only one of these, go for ‘The Lying Disease’. It was truly shocking and weirdly interesting and sad at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a world partially filled with aliens masquerading as humans. Sigh.

    If you're in for something shorter, I recommend the one about Best and Schadenfreude. I still remember seeing his cringe-worthy Spiel on Penn and Teller.

  5. Joshua says:

    @Neil: Nothing I can do about it. It's an MS component that's causing the bluescreen so I can't fix the bug in the component. Microsoft opted to fix the bug in Windows instead so that's what it is.

  6. Windows Media Center add-on says:

    @  free Windows Media Center add-on for Windows 8 Pro

    to bad the site just says "We couldn't process your order" whenever you try to get a key (email address, used os and browser don't matter). well actually it does this since about a month: http://www.extremetech.com/…/141052-microsoft-accidentally-gifts-pirates-with-a-free-windows-8-pro-license-key. it is a shame that ms isn't able to put up a notify that they disabled the key process for now and will activate it later on again (maybe this time you have to use your valid win 8 key?).

    [Worked for me on December 19th. -Raymond]
  7. Neil says:

    Presumably the best athletes in the world are men *less* than half Cliff Young's age…

  8. cheong00 says:

    @ Undercover air marshals, you’re now welcome to board

    I'm confused by that line in the article… shouldn't they be on board like other aircraft passengers? If they're allowed to board earlier, people could have guessed who are possibly one of them, and therefore kind of defeat its purpose.

  9. Danny says:


    Watched the video about speech recognition twice and I still don't get the punch line you say it choked you at 7:30. It must be a Chinese related and since I don't speak Chinese can you elaborate a little bit please?

    [I don't speak Mandarin Chinese either, but you have to marvel at technology that can produce live audio translation. -Raymond]
  10. Marcel says:

    @cheong00: This is what's commonly called a "joke" ;) Of course it makes no sense, which makes it funny.

  11. Windows Media Center add-on says:

    well i got it "working" now.

    whenever i get the error message i can not use that mail address ever again. i have to create a new mail alias and when using that one in a vm with xp and chrome (deleting all cookies before accessing the site) i get a key…

    weird system

  12. What was the Internet Explorer feature that was cut from IE 4?

    [If I wanted you to know I would have mentioned it. But it's not important to the story. Suppose I said "It was improved PICS support." Does that change your enjoyment of the story at all? -Raymond]

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