An unexpected application of negative numbers to gift-giving

A college classmate of mine informed me that one of his colleagues had planned his wedding so far in advance that on his negative-first anniversary (i.e., precisely one year before his anticipated wedding date), he gave paper to all of his friends.

Said my classmate, "It's too bad that neither of us had been born on his −50th anniversary. That would have been more lucrative."

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  1. JK says:

    so if your relationship is complex do you have anniversaries on the imaginary line?

  2. Adam Rosenfield says:

    @JK: Only if you got married in an imaginary time.

  3. Eric TF Bat says:

    @Adam: not so implausible!  I have a friend I used to flirt with when she worked as a bank teller.  I asked her to marry me and she said yes (all in fun) and we settled on the date of the wedding: the 18th of Kevin.  Kevin being a month we made up, naturally.  Sadly, the 18th of Kevin never arrived, and we both ended up getting married to other people, with whom we are both perfectly happy… but if the calendar is ever amended to include a month called Kevin with 18 or more days in it, we'll ditch our current spouses and tie the knot with glee, because it was meant to be!

  4. SomeGuyOnTheInternet says:

    Isn't the 18th of Kevin also the ship date for WinFS?

  5. Unless of course Kevin is introduced post-withering in place of one of the Hamble months – Janril, Febtober or Marchuary – and falls on a Thursday.

  6. @JK whenever a relationship starts getting complex we use an argument to keep it real.

  7. Veltas says:

    "whenever a relationship starts getting complex we use an argument to keep it real."


    Oh dear this joke has gone too far…

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