Exploiting the inattentive: The Xbox Kinect Premium Starter Kit

The name of the product is the Xbox Kinect™ Premium Starter Kit. The promotional images and box images show an Xbox Kinect device. But if you look closely, you'll see that the Xbox Kinect™ Premium Starter Kit does not come with an Xbox Kinect.

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  1. BC_Programmer says:

    This is sort of like how various products that depict good-looking women using them never actually come with said women.

  2. Larry Hosken says:

    The original Kinect team started with a dream. Now you can, too.

  3. JM says:

    @BC_Programmer: not really, that would only apply if I sold you a Good-Looking Woman Premium Starter Kit with an image of a good-looking woman and the good-looking woman wasn't included. I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what such a kit might contain if not the woman. (Of course, if I actually sold such a kit I might not include the word "premium", as it suggests the woman will be out of your league. I'd use "accessibility" instead.)

    This is more like those auctions that sell an empty box for an expensive piece of hardware, except those usually include a prominent disclaimer that it's only the box being sold and not the Xbox/Batmobile/earthquake generator itself. There are enough inattentive people that such auctions usually rack up the price of the original item anyway.

  4. King Reggin says:

    This is a act of fraud on Microsoft's part. It is time to get the government to shut down the crooks and seize control of the company on grounds of immense fraud.

  5. evan says:

    @King Reggin- you've fallen for another "exploiting the inattentive" trap, this is not sold by Microsoft. It's actually sold by "Sharp" which I'm pretty sure is not Sharp Electronics, so there's "inattentive trap" #3.

    [Although it is sold by "Sharp", the product appears to be manufactured by CTA Digital, whoever that is. -Raymond]
  6. ErikF says:

    It's probably more like the cake mix boxes that show a gorgeous, professionally-decorated chocolate cake, but when you try to bake it it looks more like bricks. Sad to say, this has happened to me too often to count. :-(

  7. r says:

    I see this in stores quite a bit with things like MP3 player cases whose packaging tries its hardest to imply the presence of an actual MP3 player inside.

  8. NW says:

    The Nintendo Wii has a few of these. I know of a couple people that received "Wii Fit Starter Kits" as gifts when the giver thought it included the Wii Fit as well.

  9. Magnus says:

    I like how there's a 'the-old-new-thing' tag on the link to Amazon, as if Raymond expects people to buy the kit even after having been warned.

  10. Tom West says:

    but when you try to bake it it looks more like bricks

    Well, it's better than my efforts, which looked sort of okay, but tasted like a brick.

  11. SimonRev says:

    That is because the quality of what comes in a cake mix is comparable to a brick.  Making a cake from scratch hardly takes any longer than throwing the mix together and the results are so much better, I don't understand why anyone would use a mix.

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