My least effective Hallowe’en costume

One year I decided to dress as a nerd for Hallowe'en. I took an old pair of glasses with large lenses, "repaired" it with some masking tape, and combined it with a plaid dress shirt with a pocket protector and courduroy pants that were too short.

Nobody at work realized I was wearing a costume.

The best Hallowe'en work costume I saw was someone who came dressed as a Christmas tree. Complete with Christmas lights. She had to make sure to stand near an electrical outlet so she could plug herself in.

I wish I had a picture: One of my friends spotted somebody at a work Hallowe'en party dressed as Bill Gates. But not the Bill Gates of today. He was dressed as Bill Gates from the arrest photo.

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  1. Phylyp says:

    Plugging your costume into an electrical outlet? Brave!

  2. Someone You Know says:

    My co-workers and I have often said that our manager's manager looks a bit like Steve Jobs. Guess who showed up for work today in jeans and a black turtleneck?

  3. Raphael says:

    Steve Jobs? That's a tad soon …

  4. JM says:

    @Raphael: with just jeans and a black turtleneck there's plausible deniability.

    On the other hand, zombie Steve Jobs is definitely too soon.

  5. pete.d says:

    I thought Christmas lights weren't allowed on campus any more. Fire hazard, you know.

    Of course, these days you can get battery-powered LED Christmas light strings. Not sure if the safety policy has been updated, but at the very least it would remove the inconvenience of having to stand around next to an outlet.

    Though, I think to a certain extent the requirement to stand next to an outlet is arguably an actual, integral aspect of such a costume!

  6. Andersk says:

    Funny that Bill looks so happy on the photo

  7. James Curran says:

    My younger sister went as a Christmas tree once (circa fourth grade — came up with the idea herself…)

    As for my least effective costume — OK, back story first. In the spring of senior year of college, some friends were have frequent "theme" parties.  One was "Come as your favorite Oriental or Rastafarian". My first choice "The president of Sony", but since I didn't know his or look, I really couldn't do him. (I believe I went as Don Ho).   Ok, flash forward a few months to October.  I'm a now unemployed college graduate who hangs out a lot with his "still-in-school" friends at the college student center. However, over the summer, I'd stumbled upon the name of the (then) president of Sony (Akio Morita). I thought, "Aha.. I can finally do the costume I wanted".  So, on Halloween, I combed my hair like his, and wore a suit with  a name tag with a big "SONY" and "Akio Morita" on it.  And joined my friends on campus.

    Several, upon seeing the suit, remarked "So who are you dressed as, an Employed Person?"

  8. Howdy says:

    At work no one would notice if would wear a costume, not to mention a knight armor.

  9. steveg says:

    @Raphael: it's never too soon. One of servers at work "did a Jobs" about 3 minutes after we heard the news.

  10. Ouch! says:

    "did a jobs" is only a little too soon! (maybe next month?)  :P Ha…

    Terrible…..  Going to hell for that one :}

  11. cheong00 says:

    @Andersk: Wondering whether the photographer bothered to say "cheese" when taking that photo.

  12. Worf says:

    One of my more effective costumes got some curious questions. Being an aviation nut, I had collected some NASA flightsuits (real nomex ones with the meatball and flag). I decided to wear one of 'em, put on my name patch, and go about my day. One of the other tenants on the floor noticed me and asked a coworker what we were doing with NASA and why was the "astronaut" around. (NASA does more than space – they do literally tons of flight research…).

    I still have it – they ARE high quality uniform flight suits, after all. Alas, I do not remember the backstory of its previous owner.

  13. Worf says:

    I forgot to add – my coworker, who was initially confused (NASA? Astronaut? Our company, huh?) then remembered it was me and explained it. They happened to ask a coworker who knew me well. If they caught someone else, hilarity would ensue.

  14. emzed says:

    My most questionably effective costume: in the mid 1990s, I showed up for work dressed as a waiter carrying a platter of manila folders. I walked around the lunchtime party saying, “Files? Can I interest you in some files? Would you like to try some files?”

    The questionable part: the accountant figured it out before any of my fellow network admins did.

  15. candyman says:

    A girl of about twelve showed up at our door last night dressed as a nerd–checked shirt, black-rimmed glasses taped at the bridge of the nose. I said, "Ah, an engineer!", but she said "No, a nerd." She didn't have a pocket protector–if I still had one, I'd have given it to her along with the candy.

  16. Mark says:

    Didn't the masking tape on the glasses tip anyone off?

  17. John Muller says:


    That's a "My dad's a lawyer." smile if I ever saw one.

  18. Wear your normal clothes, with no make up or anything.

    "What are you here as? It's fancy dress – you're not in fancy dress!"

    "I'm here as a werewolf"

    "But you look the same as normal!"

    "It's not a full moon tonight."

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