2011 Q3 link clearance: Microsoft blogger edition

It's that time again: Linking to other Microsoft bloggers.

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  1. mvadu says:

    I am a tester by profession, and I can relate to your second item. We had a project to generate PDF's which will then be printed to sent to end customer. My teammate  tested the intermediate pdf's on the screen with reference template, and both looked exactly same (color, font etc). Then cam user acceptance testing, and our business user came with a ruler, and asked for printout. He logged defects for font (Arial Narrow in template a different but similar used by code) color and indentation (2mm difference) which is impossible to catch just by looking at content on screen.

  2. Gabe says:

    Seeing that first link reminds me that Aaron Margosis's TechEd talk about Unintended Consequences of Security Lockdowns (endorsed by Raymond in blogs.msdn.com/…/10155453.aspx) is available online at channel9.msdn.com/…/SIM304.

  3. Joe says:

    For several years I've observed a direct relationship between how much automated testing is done and how buggy software is. I have concluded that automated testing fools people into thinking the software is being tested more thoroughly in real terms than it actually is. With this in mind, as management spends the money on automated testing, they tend to reduce manual testing.

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