2011 Q1 link clearance: Microsoft blogger edition

It's that time again: Linking to other Microsoft bloggers.

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  1. David Walker says:

    Wow, that Communicator Team one really had me confused.  "IM an Expert for Lync Server 2010 can help connect experts in an organization…"  You are an expert?  Why the missing apostrophe?  And why the bad syntax and capitalization?  Oh, I get it, it's talking about something called "IM an Expert" where "IM" is a verb and the whole thing is a program title, hence it's a noun phrase.  Wow.  My verbal parser just exploded.

    Would have been much better to write something like "The "IM an Expert for Lync Server 2010 program" can help …"


  2. Joshua says:

    A couple of links down I ran into another instance of reported Schrödenbug (the guy encountering them logged it as Heisenbug because he doesn't know what it is). The biggest "what if" I can imagine for us is "what if Schrödenbug is real?"

  3. MikeCaron says:

    David: It doesn't help that it's pronounced the same as "I am an Expert for Lync Server …"

  4. Ben says:

    @Mike: It's not, you pronounce it /aɪ ɛm/ (am is /əm/, or maybe /æm/). Although this might be one of those clever written puns that just flies over my head because US speakers use only two vowel sounds.

  5. Joshua says:

    @Ben: Contraction: IM -> /aɪ ɛm/ -> /aɪm/ -> I'm -> I am.

  6. Brooks Moses says:

    Wow, those comments on the "how to file a Visual C++ bug" are … amazing.

    I filed a bug against the free version of Visual C++ once, which was, "This 20 lines of C++ code throws this error and here is why I think the C++ standard says it should work, and if I put in this illegal-by-the-C++-standard workaround, it seems to work but then of course it doesn't work in my other compilers."

    And I got a response along the lines of, "Yup, we agree: That's a bug.  The code that implements that stuff is intricate and horrid to try to fix bugs in without creating worse bugs, and this is clearly a deep corner case, so this is a wontfix — sorry."  Which, considering the context, seemed entirely reasonable to me — I mean, I work for a compiler company, and I *know* how grotty C++-template-parsing code gets, and what kind of support we're able to give our non-paying users.  I really appreciated that the support engineer took the time to confirm that it was a bug, and gave me a clear answer about whether I could expect a fix or would have to depend on my workaround as a permanent thing.

    Anyhow, thanks for the links!

  7. Robert says:

    I like how the User Guidelines document contains links to the author's desktop. They should include that in the next edition: "Make sure hyperlinks point to something accessible by the user."

  8. Neil says:

    I'm tempted to try to email Raymond when he's next away just so that I can see his OOO message.

  9. Bob says:

    Who is pmcrae and why do the links in the UX guide all point to his (non-existant) user space on my C drive?  (such as "effective resolution" on page 9)

  10. Timothy Byrd says:

    Unfortunately, the one VC++ bug that would bite us occasionally, we could never report.  Under some rare circumstances, it seems like the preprocessor or lexical analyzer would back up one character, so a line like:

       foo = bar;

    might end up being treated like:

       foo = baar;

    It only happened mid-way down some large file or other.  Our solution was that if the build broke because of it, we would add a long comment to the line before, to move the bug into the comment. It still worries me that it might have hit a spot in the code (like a minus sign!) where it would have compiled bad code silently. Looking back, I should have checked the preprocessed file to see if the problem was there.

    Is there place I can go to look at fixed bugs to see if it got fixed in VS 2008 or 2010? From the searching I've done, I think I'm only seeing the highlights, and this is a minor obscure one.

  11. Troll says:

    The difference between QFE and GDR is meaningless post-XP because you can't choose which branch gets installed.

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