On understanding that getting married comes with changes in lifestyle

A friend of mine who had been married less than a year received a phone call from Adam, one of his still-single friends:

"Hey, Joe! Irving and I are going into town, hit some bars, hang out at some clubs, wanna come along?"

My friend replied, "Hang on a second."

A beat.

"Nope. Still married!"

As far as I know, Adam and Irving are still single.

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  1. prunoki says:

    Another form of this is the shared intelligence:

    Husband to wife: Honey, can I go to the town tonight with some friends?

    Wife to husband: No.

    Husband to friend: No.

  2. Ray says:

    So sad.

    Happily married, and my wife not only would allow it, she encourages it.

    (and yes, she's allowed to go out with the girls too.)

    I guess I'm pretty lucky.

    And yes, we have kids.  As long as we can coordinate it, it's still ok to go out for a night on the town with friends.

    My wife is awesome! :)

  3. chris says:

    Married men live longer, but are much more ready to die.

  4. kog999 says:


    of course they do, how are they susposed to rest in peace with the constant nagging.

  5. Stephen Jones says:

    Why didn't he take the wife with him?

    [The implied other activities of the night were "Chat up some cute girls, maybe get lucky." -Raymond]
  6. WendyHome says:

    Some of my happily married have relationships that don't make 'no' the automatic default answer to going out without their partner at short notice. Sounds like that friend has a constricted view of the responsibilites of marriage

  7. Cooney says:

    [The implied other activities of the night were "Chat up some cute girls, maybe get lucky." -Raymond]

    So it's highly dependent on your specific situation; you can still go clubbing as a wingman – introducing your friend to some girl he likes is a great way to break the ice.

  8. Jeff says:

    Sounds like that change in lifestyle is a marked improvement. Why work so hard to try to catch a woman when you already have one?

    Now, if it's just going out with friends, must of us married folk are happy to have a night away once and a while and happy to oblige our spouse when they want to do something. But it is so much easier and so much better when if you want to do those things with someone, just bring your spouse. Piece of cake.

  9. pianofab says:

    "Naturally Italians commiserate with other people who have not been able to subjugate their women or who have allowed them to run rampant. See how tormented and unsatisfied their women are, they say, who feel no rein on their necks and are allowed to do things which were not meant for them! Look at foreign husbands, they say, who treat women with awe, sometimes with fear, as if they were carnivorous animals: how obedient these men are to their women's whims, and, as a result, how spoiled, intractable, and unhappy their women become! It is rumoured that these husbands hide nothing of their own private lives and thoughts, account for every hour of their days and every penny they make, and even have to ask permission to go out some night with harmless men friends." Luigi Barzini, The Italians

  10. Cheong says:

    In China, this is commonly known as "妻管嚴" ("Under strict control of wife", pronounced as "氣管炎", i.e. tracheitis)

  11. Chained says:

    Married men live longer.  At least, it seems that way.

  12. married mary says:

    If you don't want to spend time with your spouse you have married the wrongfully.

  13. Ricardo C says:

    If you have to ask permission, then you married the wrong person (unless asking is purely protocol by courtesy). Marriage is partnership not ownership. Love is best expressed with the respect to your spouse and respect to his/her freedom.

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