2010 Q3 link clearance: Microsoft blogger edition

It's that time again: Sending some link love to my colleagues.

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  1. John says:

    In retrospect I think Microsoft would have liked to keep the KIN even more secret.  :)

  2. Gouru says:

    Just checked out the 'My Neighborhood Map' link.  Did you know zooming out of Seattle is prohibited???

  3. James Schend says:

    Are there any MS Blogs that have the scuttlebutt on the Kin's sudden vanishing? I think that caught people by surprise more than its sudden appearance. (And cost the marketing company I work with *ahem* millions, but that's neither here nor there.)

  4. GWO says:

    The problem with "You can’t fix application compatibility problems with dialog boxes" article is that there's no attempt to distinguish between "Our dialog box was not fit for purpose" and "This is not possible".  "We tried and failed" is NOT the same thing as "This cannot be done".

  5. benjamin says:

    Gonna take that first link, write up a jargon-filled article with the title "Secret Internet Speedup that Microsoft DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE!" and make a fortune in AdSense revenue.

  6. Long Wang says:

    *Microsoft* Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core.

  7. Horst Kiehl says:

    In German(y), there's an acronym for acronyms out of control: Aküfi means Abkürzungsfimmel (acronym craziness), although it seems that it has become out of fashion. Obligatory mention: On your side of the atlantic, there's the AAAAA.

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