Children’s reactions to macadamia nuts dipped in chocolate

Some time ago, we had some people over our house for dinner, and we had a selection of desserts including chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. The children in attendance finished their dinner before the adults (because the adults were busy doing boring things like talking) and were excused to go play.

It so happens that the play room is right next to the kitchen, and in the kitchen was the dessert table, including a bowl of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which the children managed to consume in their entirety before the adults finally finished talking and went to get dessert.

The second half of the story didn't come until a few days later, when we were taking out the recycling. At the bottom of the recycling bin was a collection of macadamia nuts with all the chocolate sucked off.

(I was reminded of this story by laonianren's comment on chocolate-covered Brazil nuts.)

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  1. Tim Kay says:

    My one-year-old recently went through a phase of sucking all the cheese sauce off macaroni and cheese, and then spitting out the pasta.  She was really good at getting all the cheese off.

  2. DWalker says:

    But macadamia nuts are great, even without chocolate!  I wonder if that's an age thing… Kids seem to like sugar in all its forms.

  3. Niall says:

    In reference to your recent post, I much prefer Brazil nuts to Macadamias. And I'm Australian!

  4. John Muller says:

    A pastor was visiting his elderly parisheners at their home, and got into a long conversation with one kindly old lady. While they were talking, he took peanuts from a bowl on her table, one by one.

    Eventually, he realized he had eaten them all and said, "I'm sorry I seem to have eaten all your peanuts." and she replied "That's OK, I only like to suck the chocolate off."

  5. @John Muller: already heard in some variation, but it's still wonderfully disgusting. :)

  6. Simon says:

    My father likes to remind me of how when I was little I'd lick the salsa off chips and just discard the chip.  At least I didn't try to go back for more with the same chip.

  7. Judago says:

    When I was a kid I remember eating fresh(well fresh fallen) Macadamia nuts, they are great for motor skills if you only have a hammer ;). As an eight year old it is was so disappointing when the shell got mashed into the nut…..

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    When I was a kid I said ‘Desertleating, desertleating!’ at the start of every meal. Desert was the only part I cared about, the rest seemed to be just an unnecessary hurdle to get there.

  9. Engywuck says:

    those spoiled kids these days. In my time we seldom had dessert at meals. Usually only when we had visitors… or maybe some fruit salad or so when my mother was generous (or – more likely – the fruit "needed eating")

  10. John Elliott says:

    I remember doing this with sugar-coated almonds when small.

  11. CodeOrDie says:

    I would relate this "experiment" with the fact that we start in life with a uni-dimensional perception of things, from physical objects to morality. And, only with time, do our motor skills and moral compass get to a point where we can make fine adjustments or distinctions. And so would taste, with an appreciation for combinations of textures and flavors.

    (Of course, the fact that kids would sell their parents for a pound of sugar may not be foreign to this phenomenon.)

  12. Gordon Weakliem says:

    At least they knew to recycle the uneaten nuts.  I hope you did the ecologically friendly thing and recycled them :)

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