A brief conversation while preparing to hike along the Pacific coast

Many years ago, one of my colleagues (who happens to be an avid outdoorsy person with a dry sense of humor) assembled a small group of people to take a long weekend hike along the Capa Alava Trail and then north along the Pacific coast. As we gathered in the parking lot midday Friday with our backpacking gear, another of our colleagues (whom I will call "Mary") walked past and the following conversation ensued:

Mary: "Hey, where ya goin'? (joking) That way I can call Search and Rescue if I don't see you on Monday."

Bob: "We're heading out to Lake Ozette."

Mary: "Cool, where's Lake Ozette?"

Bob: "That's okay, Search and Rescue knows where it is."

Comments (4)
  1. Krunch says:

    You forgot to explicitly declare the "Bob" variable. </nitpicking>

  2. Someone You Know says:


    Raymond clearly prefers the ECMAScript style of variable declaration. Bob is just a global variable.

  3. Steve says:

    So *that* is where Microsoft Bob vanished!

  4. Mark Steward says:

    Bob is predefined: en.wikipedia.org/…/Alice_and_Bob

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