I will be speaking at TechReady11

Microsoft has an internal conference known as TechReady, the eleventh edition of which will take place in Seattle next week.

Having learned that the way to get me to show up at your conference is to invite me, the TechReady folks invited me to give a talk on advanced debugging techniques. I wasn't their first choice, though. This talk is a regular event at TechReady, but the usual presenter (Lav Pivo) will not be available; I'm a substitute. Lav usually knocks everybody dead with his presentation, so I've got big shoes to fill.

I've been trying to squeeze preparing for this talk in amongst the things I actually get paid to do, and I hope I'll get everything done before the conference organizers start yelling at me for not having gone through all the checklist items on schedule.

If you're a Microsoft employee at TechReady, you can watch me sweat and panic on Friday at 1pm. I'll also try to make it to Ask the Experts on Wednesday night.

Update: The presentation is technically a Chalk Talk (code CLICT400, and no I don't know what those letters stand for, though the CT probably stands for Chalk Talk), in case you were wondering why you can't find it in the session list.

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  1. blah says:

    If it's anything like this blog lately, prepare for a tomato bombardment.

  2. cfgauss says:

    Well, I look forward to your withered hand.

  3. Micha says:

    Is "knocking everybody down" a positive or a negative thing? I guess positive, reading the next sentence. Where does it come from?

  4. Someone You Know says:


    It's usually "knock dead", not "knock down". It's more commonly encountered as "Knock 'em dead!", a way of wishing someone good luck before a performance of some kind. The idea is that whatever you do is so fantastic that it completely overwhelms the audience. Similar to calling a very attractive person a "knockout".

  5. Andrew says:

    Are you TechReady to give your presentation?

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