Management-speak: Multi-perspective content

A colleague of mine visited an internal Web site for task ABC and found that the site was no longer there. Instead it was replaced with a simple message:

Designed with the user in mind you will now find contextual ABC and DEF information served up in a secure format alongside all GHI information. Access to relevant multi-perspective content will enable faster resolution for your GHI needs.


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Location: http://ghi
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  1. Andrew says:

    Let me guess. There wasn't even a link to the GHI site in the replacement text?

  2. hagenp says:

    Also now you have a problem if your clearance is only for "ABC".

    Sounds like another "This behavior is by design." – they will do everything to "improve the user experience"… ;-)

  3. Alexandre Grigoriev says:

    Are you talking about http://www.<the same root domain as your blog>.com website? It's not doing that lately, but has been through a few iterations of the shuffle.

  4. I don't get it.  Is it contextual or multi-perspective?  Those seem mutually exclusive.

  5. Dan Bugglin says:

    Eh, HTTP responses aren't usually visible to the user.  An explanation of WHY the site is redirecting is often welcome.

    But yeah I would hope it would link or automatically redirect in 5 seconds or something.

  6. Dan Bugglin says:

    … though I suppose the management speak is what this is really about.

  7. Cheong says:

    When I see "multiple perspective content", I'm thinking of something like "different user will see different content (level of access, etc.)".

    Obviously the managements have a different defination (or perspective?)

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