Bug Bash: It’s funny because it’s true

Hans Bjordahl's Bug Bash is one of those it's funny because it's true comics about life inside a software company. Specifically, Microsoft, where Hans worked for many years and whose internal newsletter featured Hans's strip. (Some might argue that Bug Bash was the only part of the company newsletter worth reading.)

Today I'm going to share two of my favorites.

  • Internal marketing campaigns. The year 2004 was a particularly good one (or in the opinion of some people: a particularly bad one) for internal marketing campaigns at Microsoft, with about forty pieces of internal marketing delivered to your maildrop during the year. That's a piece of internal junk mail nearly every week! Perhaps in response, the year 2005 was unusually sparse. But internal marketing appears to be on the rise again, though fortunately not yet to the heights of 2004.
  • Blog all you want. The subtitle on the fake newspaper headline wins it.

Bonus discovery, Hans revealed himself as the co-founder of Mr. Cranky. Man, I loved that site.

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  1. Jack Mathews says:

    Checking it out, I believe it's more "funny because you know the guy"

    [Hm, except for the fact that I don't know the guy. Maybe "It's funny because it's true at Microsoft." -Raymond]
  2. Leo Davidson says:

    This recent one is great and very true, about hour-long meetings:


  3. JoeWoodbury says:

    I'm confused. Aren't comic strips supposed to be funny? Or is this one of those soap opera ones?

  4. Henke37 says:

    I miss that comic. It has been too long since the last update.

  5. John says:

    joewoodbury:  It could be worse: thedailywtf.com/…/Mandatory_Fun_Day.aspx

  6. occasional reader says:

    The "Powerpoint Decks" one I did like.

  7. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    Like a lot of Dilbert strips, I don't so much laugh as cringe at those strips because of how accurately they reflect life at megacorporations.

  8. markm247 says:

    Bug Bash and Letters to the Editor were the only two things I read

  9. GreenReaper says:

    It's a little in-jokey; I prefer comics that take me <i>away</i> from work.

    I did find it amusing that the series ended on furry porn. We ruin everything!

    (The strip was also posted the month before the first instance of SeaTac's Rainfurrest https://www.rainfurrest.org/. Coincidence?)

  10. GWO says:

    "Bug Bash" — because punchlines are so 20th century.

    "Bug Bash" — bad enough to make xkcd seem mildly amusing.

    "Bug Bash" — making "User Friendly" look varied and insightful.

    "Bug Bash" — if Microsoft made comic strips…

    Seriously, they're terrible.

  11. Oddball says:

    I don't know what all this hate is about.  I thought they were funny.  Thanks for sharing, Raymond!

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