My niece asked me what color seashell I would like her to draw

My niece was amusing herself by drawing pictures with crayon, and she asked me, "I'm going to draw a seashell for you. What color do you want?"

I said, "Blue."

She responded, "No."

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  1. davis says:

    At these words, Raymond was enlightened.

  2. Henke37 says:

    There are countless analogies that you can make to this example.

  3. Henry Ford says:

    Any color you like, as long as it's black.

  4. Mark says:

    …no comments about a "C shell" yet?

  5. blah says:

    I sense a Microsoft employee-to-be.

  6. a random passerby says:

    @blah: Microsoft? That sounds more like Apple to me. "We'll give you whatever you want. Where by 'you' we mean 'we', and by 'want' we mean 'allow'."

  7. Philip Taron says:

    I believe she is a tiny art director.

  8. WendyHome says:

    niece = design genius with vision.  If the see is blue and the shell is blue then it will be too difficult to see the beautiful shell.  Hence the shell cannot be blue – but it can be other colours. Your niece had conveyed this complex reasoning with outstanding efficiency.  Brilliant!

  9. blah says:


    Yes, Microsoft. Try installing SQL client tools only (2008 I believe) through the main package. After a pitifully slow install process (1+ hr) that failed on me, there was no trace of the tools but plenty of server junk.

  10. Jeffrey Richardson says:

    What is your favorite color?

    Blue… No, I mean ye-aaaaah!

  11. Boris says:

    Raymond, don't be helpless. How about "draw seashell /?"

  12. Thomas Winwood says:

    Maybe she's being pragmatic, and doesn't have a blue crayon.

  13. Jim says:

    Typical woman

  14. Dan says:

    You forgot to sudo.

  15. Anonymous Coward says:

    A random passerby: Microsoft is just as bad, considering that you have to patch uxTheme to be able to use a different skin.

  16. Nathan Brixius says:

    Bonus fact: Raymond's niece is 27 years old.

  17. Matt says:

    Reminds me of the story:

    A little girl is drawing something in class, and the teacher asks, "What are you drawing?"

    "God", the girl says.

    The teacher replies, "But, no one knows what God looks like."

    The girl responds, "They will in a minute…"

  18. THEMike says:

    My 6 year old daughter is exactly the same, what colour shall I make the fairy's dress? Green? Don't be silly.

  19. Morten says:

    You should have said "Bourne" and shown us the result. I've always wanted to know what color it was.

  20. Cheong says:

    @Wendy: But how about a seashell on a beach? There should be no problem at all.

    Btw, seawater can be drawn as blue + green too (seeing she's drawing with crayon/pastel, that's quite common I think).

  21. Cheong says:

    On a second thought, could it be that you responded in English and your niece respond in Mandarin?

  22. Cheong says:

    On a second thought, could it be that you responded in English and your niece respond in Mandarin?

  23. Chris says:

    Maybe you should try running her in 256 color mode next time? ;-)

  24. Gwyn says:

    Sounds like my son. "Which colour train do you want Dada?" "Umm, blue" "No, you want red"

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