It looks a little like CMD except there is white on the background

Surely by now you've seen the video where NextGenHacker101 shows you how to use the "Tracer T" program to view "how many IP's are looking at Google", their name, and connection speed (to then to then to then). (And commenter squizz explains why it "worked" in spite of the http prefix.)

But more awesome is the fact that somebody ported the video to linux!

Bonus video craziness: It's in Korean but somehow that just adds to the insanity. (Warning: Five minutes of your life you will never get back.)

The comments on the YouTube video identify the song as "Bo Peep Bo Peep <- possibly the most addictive/annoying song ever."

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  1. nathan_works says:

    Wow. It’s like the Korean version of the spice girls, only more catchy..  

    Only in the remix link, the spice girls lip-sync better.. (ok, as a non speaker, maybe the lip vocalizations are different in Korean, but it looks like really, really, really bad lip-syncing..)

  2. James Schend says:

    And now that I’ve watched the Windows Mobile phone commercial from Korea… if I were Microsoft Marketing, I’d pay a US network to air it– completely unmodified (No translation, no edits!) That would be epically awesome.

  3. Gabe says:

    James Schend: Not only is the Linux actually Solaris, the VMware is actuall VirtualBox!

  4. says:

    possibly the most addictive/annoying song ever

    Am I the only one who initially misread that as "annyeong song" (안녕)?

    They remind me of (Japanese) Morning Musume.

  5. Jim says:

    Just ask for a general question for the first two youtubes. What is the use for tracing those IP address or server names? They have too much of the free times or what?

  6. TheSlurge says:

    All I kept hearing was "Nympho nympho nympho nympho nympho nympho nympho Oh!"

  7. The D Stro says:

    Leave it to Microsoft to leave a hacking tool called Tracer-T in their operating system!

    This is the funniest old new thing I’ve seen all year.

    Old New Thing (IS AWESOME)

  8. Commander not so keen says:

    Are you calling me a nimfo?

  9. enkurs says:

    Please tell me if this kid is for real. Does he actually believe that good-ole’ tracert (Tracer-T…) does what he thinks?

    Or is he kidding like no one else, to look like a l33t haxxor?

  10. lol says:

    lol…tracert!!!!! That is some of the funniest sh*t I’ve seen yet! The kids got it all figured out!

    For future reference kid: it’s called

    trace route and it’s tracing YOUR connection to google and how many hops it takes to get there! Hops isn’t beer either!

  11. pm100 says:

    the ‘linux’ one is surely a joke – and a very good one at that

    (nobody can make that many mistakes by accident)

  12. Additional weird fact: the first video is one year old; from the comments dates it seemed to be forgotten until about one month ago, when it was flooded again with negative comments. The last week, since it was posted in Larry Osterman’s blog they even increased. Now that it’s been posted even here it will be getting tons of views.

  13. Dan says:

    I have not heard of this before, but since I figured it out from the screenshot, I will refrain from watching it and just laugh now.

  14. andrew says:

    The video is crazy :-D

    Seriously aren’t you aware of the difference between Linux and OpenSolaris? LOL, I’m just writing thesis containing comparative analysis of these two systems — about 100 pages so far, there are a few differences :-)

  15. James Schend says:

    The Linux one is hilarious… usually those little pop-up bubbles ruin the video, but his only make it funnier. I especially like how he picks the only VMWare image that *isn’t* Linux.

  16. deneb says:

    Dang! There are 30 people watching my IP address right now!

  17. jhrlim says:

    @Nathan Works:

    Judging by their dancing, their bad lip-syncing isn’t what people are supposed to pay attention to.


    Its "WinPhone" not "nympho" but I guess not even the context can help you get your mind out of the gutter. :D

  18. Eli says:

    I really think his videos are intentionally supposed to be funny, just the little subtle things you see.

  19. Jondr says:

    Ha Ha. I never thought traceroute (Microsoft’s tracert) would ever be called "Tracer T". I’ll need to add that to my collection that includes (the OS named) "Dose" and (the language) "C-pound".

  20. Anonymous Coward says:

    Couldn’t finish the first video, too painful. I know what kids do is supposed to be silly by grown-up standards, but at least when I was a little kid I wrote little simulations and stuff in QBASIC. Not pretending to be a leet hacker by misinterpreting the output from traceroute.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the Korean video, it was hilarious.

  21. Worf says:

    I know someone on the Windows Embedded team that would love to see that Windows Phone ad…

    Still, those other two videos are just great, assuming the Linux one is a spoof of the first.

  22. Stalker says:

    @Nathan_works: To me it looks more like the audio of whole rip is just badly out of sync.

  23. Morten says:

    Brilliant. He surely has a shining career in management ahead of him. :-)

  24. Matt Simmons says:

    it’s like a train wreck. I can’t look away.

  25. Scott says:

    I love this kid, look at his other videos for much more entertainment. Get your popcorn ready!

  26. Robert Morris says:

    Crazy kid aside, where might one obtain body-sized Microsoft Office icon outfits such as the ones featured in the Korean video? Everyone at our office could be a different product for Halloween. :)

  27. This is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time :)

    If there’s anything that deserves ROFLMAO, this is it :D

    When I saw the first video, I thought "this is going to be hard to top" but the second one beats it handily :)

    Thanks for making my day.

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