I could just use a picture of a regular-sized shopping cart from farther away

Internet retailer woot! went to CES 2010 and covered it on their blog. (CES category.) But they don't cover what the media elite cover, the big announcements, the hot products. Nope, they cover the weird stuff.

They have uncrating photos of CES itself, they infiltrate the The Consumer Breakfast Buffet Show, and they take super secret spy pictures of a miniature shopping cart.

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  1. kog999 says:

    it’s a good thing he didn’t zoom in to much or i would have thought i was just a picture of a regular shopping cart.

  2. mikeb says:

    I think the Woot! guy is pulling our legs.  

    The "shopping cart" booth is really demoing giant UPC tags.

  3. 640k says:

    A regular-sized shopping cart from farther away would distort the perspective.

  4. Todd S. says:

    I did not care for the humor at their site about homeless squirrels pushing these carts.  Very insensitive.  This was the first time I heard about woot!, and I am not impressed.

  5. Motti says:

    We got one of those about 5 years ago, the kids love it.

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