Merry Christmas to me: Zune headphones

My article some time back about accidentally destroying my beloved Zune headphones resulted in a number of people sending me their unwanted Zune headphones via inter-office mail. This was not my intention when I posted the article—if that were my goal, I would have posted the article immediately instead of waiting a year and a half!—but it was nevertheless a pleasant surprise. Every so often strangers come through.

Thanks, everybody.

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  1. Warll says:

    Those headphones are nice, mine lasted longer than my Zune itself did(leaning over a fountain with the zune in my breast pocket). But now they only produce sound in one ear.  

    So far I’ve bought 4 sets of different headphones but none of them are as nice as the zunes were.  So yeah, congrats.

  2. someone says:

    And Merry Christmas to me: Classic Shell (

  3. Ben says:

    I remember you telling me this a couple of weeks ago – right after you almost destroyed another pair of said phones in my door :)

    I didn’t realize at the time the irony that you had destroyed the original pair in your car door.

    Merry Xmas Raymond!

  4. Matt Simmons says:

    Congratulations, that’s great. Some people are really kind, and go out of their way to help other people.

    Now if you could just replace that million bucks you lost the other week.

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