Lamebook: The best of Facebook

Craig's List has a Best of Craig's List, but Facebook doesn't.

Well now it does: LameBook (warning: often NSFW). My favorite: Lameonella.

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  1. nathan_works says:

    Alas, all those links are blocked by the filter here at work. (And you did give the NSFW warning, so my own dumb fault if I get fired for trying!)

  2. Van_Houtte says:


    If you do get fired for trying to access NSFW material on LameBook, you can put out a FB update describing the situation and end up being featured on LameBook.

  3. Chris B says:

    Beware, that site has served up malware installing ads in the past.

    (my code was 666)

  4. Eric TF Bat says:

    OK, cool, except: you know that "lame" is no better than "gay" or "retarded" as an epithet, right?  There are people in the world who can’t walk very well.  Why is it OK to equate them with stuff you don’t like?  If you wouldn’t say "that’s so gay" because you understand that villifying homosexuals is wrong, why say (or promote) the use of "lame"?  It’s just totally american to do something like that, you total utter american-o!

  5. gggggggggggg says:


  6. Mark says:

    Eric TF Bat: when did this blog become YouTube?  Disregarding the fact that lame in the non-physical sense just means weak or flawed*, Raymond is just linking to the website.

    * Wwould you be offended if I said your reasoning is blind?

  7. cooldude69 says:


    well ur gay

  8. Eric TF Bat says:

    @Mark – that’s a fair analogy, but it’s flawed.  Lame in its inoffensive sense means unable to work, move or operate — not “stupid”, “clueless” or “idiotic”, which are all extensions of the original meaning.  Compare “gay”, which has the primary meaning of “homosexual” (well, it does now, but there are still pedants who wish it kept the primary meaning it last had in the late 19th century) but has gained the derogatory extra meaning growing from the stereotypes of homosexuals.

    My point is: it’s not OK to use etymology, logic or personal obliviousness to belittle people.  Just as you would nowadays be unlikely to call a miserly person a jewboy or an ungenerous one an indian giver, you should be considering the effect of your unthinking language use on people with disabilities.

    The “blind” one is tricky.  Blind means “unable to see”, and has extended to mean “unwilling to see”, where “see” is a metaphor for understanding.  It’s probably better not to use it that way, but it seems to me to be less of a sore point.  I’m not visually impaired (except when I lose my glasses) so I can’t really say.  Why not check with some people who are and see how they feel?  That’s if you care that they are people, of course…

    [I happen to have checked with people I know who are blind and use a wheelchair about this sort of thing (e.g. using “see” metaphorically). They said, “I’m not offended.” My sample size is small I admit. -Raymond]
  9. evacchi says:

    I guess half of those are fake:

  10. Mark says:

    Eric TF Bat:

    I suspect the issue is that the literal sense of lame is rarely used for humans any more, in deference to "disabled", "less able to stand/walk/etc".

    Just as gay people understand "that’s so gay" isn’t imputing a sexual preference, and informed people know the difference between a "hacking on" and "hacking into", using "lame" is almost always taken in a metaphorical way.  Trying to make words taboo of context is as silly as IBM copyrighting the colour blue.

    That’s if you care that they are people, of course. YHBTHAND.


  11. id10t says:

    Individuals with the lowest mental age level (less than three years) were identified as idiots; imbiciles (sic) had a mental age of three to 7 years., and morons had a mental age of seven to ten years.

    When I call people idiot, it is always in that medical sense.

  12. Eric TF Bat says:

    @Mark: Gay people understand that, do they?  Oh, well that’s OK then.

    Regrettably, Wikipedia doesn’t have a single article on the concept of privilege, though it has them for white privilege, male privilege and so on.  They’re tough concepts to get your head around, especially if you’re white, male, middle-class, temporarily abled and heterosexual, but it’s a good idea to think about them, because there are an awful lot more minorities out there than you think.

  13. Mark says:

    Eric TF Bat: you forgot non-American (wink wink)

  14. please-stop says:

    Slightly off-topic but it would be great if people could *not* comment on the CAPTCHA number they receive; such is the fact of numbers that you can trivially find links between almost any of them, and what you want to discuss. Let’s not make this place like the Daily WTF (i.e: devoid of readable comments).

  15. Marquess says:

    Gee, the comments of *one* of your articles being compared to both Youtube and TDWTF … what’s happening to this world??

    In unrelated news, it’s really annoying that the captcha’s expiration date doesn’t seem to be set to a sensible value, causing the same number to displayed everytime until I manually refresh the page (or image).

  16. 640k says:

    Sad MS cant use recaptcha only because it’s owned by a competing company.

  17. Billy says:

    @Eric TF Bat:

    Eric, you are lame.  You are unable to work outside of a dictionary, unable to move in most social circles, and unable to operate as a functional being because of your overly narrow and critical view of language and its use.

  18. Marquess says:

    Not that recaptcha is that great, either. What kind of dictionary are they using to get captchas like "1½"?

  19. Pi says:

    "Not that recaptcha is that great, either. What kind of dictionary are they using to get captchas like "1½"?"

    The one that seperates the Linux gurus from the Microsoft noobs who shouldn’t be allowed to put anything on the internet anyway because they insult me with all their noobness. Hence the captcha. All hail Linux! Microsoft evil Bill Gates borg free software for life FREEEDOOOOOOOOOM uaghagh!

    on-topic: Am I too sensitive if I can’t laugh at a couple of thhe facebook things because I find the people are too sad?

  20. Mark says:

    Pi: don’t they use scanned books, in order to crowdsource OCR?  Some funny symbols are bound to get through – in fact I got Greek once.

  21. Pi says:

    Greek is not funny!!!

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