Things I’ve written that have amused other people: Episode 6

On an internal discussion group, somebody decided to quote one of my blog entries.

Jim Medding was amused by my response: Bloggers are just idiots with a Web site.

(My blog was dug up in order to refute a claim, even though the blog entry applied to a situation different from the one under discussion.)

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  1. -dan says:

    or who want to sell books that look like cookbooks

  2. benjamin says:

    Idiots with web sites are a lot like a mule with a spinnin’ wheel.

    Nobody knows how they got them and damned if they know how to use it.

    Apologies to Troy McClure & Phil Hartman.

  3. Jim says:

    Similar comment for Glenn Beck, "Rush Limbaugh with a community college degree"

  4. Ed says:

    Blog commenters are just idiots without a web site.

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