How do I move the Windows.edb and other search index files?

Nothing profound today, just a little tip.

My customer is looking out for a way to change the location of the windows.edb file to another (larger) drive.

From the Indexing Options Control Panel, click Advanced, and then under Index location, click Select new.

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  1. A meta-tip – the "Indexing Options" control panel does not appear in category view in Windows 7.  You need to switch to one of the two icon views.

  2. asf says:

    windows search is so broken, search peaked in 2000. NT6 never finds my stuff, and if you turn indexing off for the default search, the startmenu search becomes pointless

  3. David Heffernan says:


    Windows search is so great!  It finds everything I ever want to look for instantly.  And it does it across all my network shares at work too.  Long live Windows 6.x!

  4. Drak says:

    I think by default Windows only searches in files it has indexed and/or it understands the filetype of.

    Sometimes quite annoying, but searching for stuff by date and size works rather well :)

  5. Karlis says:

    Windows search really is great – it completely changed the way I work with files/applications.

    OT:However, Windows 7, with no reason at all, lost Vistas perfect search interface where you could type something and then select "only movies".

  6. Friday says:

    Only disorganized people search.

  7. 640k says:

    grep rulz

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