Rentonites concerned about Hooters opening in their town, but not for the reason you think

To support my claim that Renton has a reputation for being a working-class town, I submit this article from last week's news: Hooters too pretentious for us, some Renton, South Park locals say.

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  1. RobO (it's not you, it's me) says:

    Classic: ""saving up already" for a visit" to a Hooters.

  2. Toddsa says:

    Ray, I think you are in love with Renton and are just afraid to come out and say it.

    It’s ok to admit it, they have a Fry’s and the High school facade was used in War Games so there is a little bit of geekness we all can understand.

  3. mike says:

    While no one was looking, Renton has gone upscale. There’s The Landing, with its anchor chain movie theater, and the city has been accreting to itself great swathes of bourgoisie via the tactic of annexation. (We’re next.) They’ve kicked Burien’s butt in attracting businesses to south of Lake Washington. Then again, it’s no Mercer Island.

  4. CmraLvr2 says:

    Wow.  Just wow…

  5. I can see their point. The food isn’t all that good .. so why pretend you are going there for the food?

    And if the girls are hired to show hooters, why wear a modest t-shirt and short shorts? bikini tops would be less pretentious.

    Looks like Renton is a good spot to open up a strip club with good food open during regular business hours.

  6. saving up says:

    I read it for the fiction. No, wait, …

  7. You misquoted the title of the article – it is actually “Hooters too upscale for us” …  and in turn, what the Rentonites actually are saying is really “Hooters too expensive for us” …

    Now, a Hooters with $2 drinks .. that would be nice to have in Renton (or anywhere).

    It does support your contention that Renton is a working class town, though.

    [Actually what happened is that the Seattle Times silently revised the title of the article. You can find the original title (temporarily) in Bing’s web cache and on the article’s comment page. -Raymond]

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