Things other people have written that have amused me, Episode 2

Somebody posted a time-saving tip and concluded with "You'll save yourself at least 5 minutes per year."

I jokingly wrote back, "I already do XYZ which does this automatically, and besides, saving 5 minutes per year isn't much anyway. I spend that much time picking my nose."

The response: "Yeah, but now you can do both nostrils."

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  1. Tom says:

    I didn’t get the joke until I realized you meant “nostrils”.

    [Fixed. Sorry for the error; I was typing one-handed because, well… -Raymond]
  2. John says:

    But you can already do both nostrils in parallel.  If you’re really good you can do it with one hand, leaving your other hand free for real work.  The Japanese are years ahead of us and have probably already invented a hands-free nose picking apparatus, savings millions of minutes every year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    By reading and replying to the tip, then reading the counter-reposte, and blogging it, you’ve probably more than lost the 5 minutes you were supposed to have gained this year.

  4. Worf says:

    Depends, really.

    It may be 5 minutes, but it may also automate a lot of needless clicking and constant attention.

    E.g., I had to reinstall Windows CE 6. The install process goes:

    1) Visual Studio 2005

    2) Visual Studio SP1

    3) Windows CE 6

    4) Platform Builder SP1

    5) Windows CE 6 R2

    6) Windows CE 6 R2 Rollup 2008

    7+) Windows CE 6 R2 Rollup 2009 Jan-Jul (one per month, usually)

    Steps 6 and 7 must be repeated per architecture, so a typical ARM and x86 would mean around 18 installers to run, with the last bunch taking 3-20 minutes each. And you click next, next, wait 2+ minutes for "calculating disk space" to finish, next, next, next, wait for install (1-15+ minutes), next, finish, ok, close popup.

    Tedious. I did a little bash/cmd script that ran each one quietly, and onlhy had a browser window popup (which I let accumulate to close en masse) and the "This file was downloaded off the Internet…". Saved maybe 5 minutes, and it’s only something I’d do once or twice a year. But getting rid of those excessive clicks!

    And yes, installing in Feb-March is best as by then you’d have the last year’s rollup. January is bad because you have 12 installs per architecture, or 24 updates. If you did three like I had to, 36!

  5. Dave says:

    E.g., I had to reinstall Windows CE 6. The install process goes:

    Ah, you young whipper-snappers, you think you’ve got it tough, I’ve installed Windows CE… something, the one with eVC++ 4 as its compiler.  The install process goes:

    repeat while computers available:

    find a spare machine;

    install everything;

    if eVC++ won’t start -> continue;

    if eVC++ won’t compile your code -> continue;

    if the emulator won’t start -> continue;

    if the emulator won’t load your binary -> continue;

    if the emulator won’t run your binary -> continue;

    set bSuccess = TRUE, break;

    if !bSuccess -> find another site and start trying their computers;


    never, ever, ever, ever make any changes to the machine that now runs eVC++ 4 and WinCE whatever ever again;

    WinCE 6?  Pshaw!

  6. Worf says:

    Funny, but I’ve never had that, using eVC++ since what, Talisker betas?

    Heck, I’ve had CE 3/4 installed on the same machine.

    These days though, the trick is to have CE 5, WinMo 6 and CE 6 installed, and behaving nicely on the same PC

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