Isn’t every dinner at a technology conference a geek dinner?

I'm always amused when somebody announces that they're having a geek dinner at a technology conference. I mean, at a conference like that, every dinner is a geek dinner. The geek density is so high, +4 enchanted vorpal swords quiver in fear.

[Update 8am: Fixed broken permalink. Yay, they broke a permalink...]

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  1. bahbar says:

    hum, that link does a redirect to Internal only ?

    [Hardly anything that nefarious. They apparently reorganized the site and broke all the permalinks. Fixed. -Raymond]

    Gotta love the AD&D reference, though. (or is it Lewis Caroll?

  2. Neil (SM) says:

    You know how sometimes your brain sees only what it wants to see?  I somehow thought this was about a "Greek dinner" for a few minutes.  Something didn’t add up.

  3. Beeblebrox says:

    steveg: So wrong. The vorpal blade is all about beheading. Though really, why +4? At least try for +6 or +7 – and why isn’t it blessed?

  4. Drak says:

    Vorpal bunnies are much cuter!

  5. Worf says:

    Is that a peek at Raymond’s queue? That announcement dates to 2005!

    Or was it being continually bumped this past 2 1/2 years (Raymond’s queue is around 1 1/2 years now…) like someone flying standby?

    [I’ve started emptying my stash of filler articles more aggressively. -Raymond]
  6. steveg says:

    Beeblebrox: well, traditionally (assuming D&D is the origin of this, although I suspect you might be taking a Nethack/Rogue/Angband slant on things) the Vorpal Sword was +5. It’s highly unusual (until D&D 4e) to have any weapons with an enchantment greater than +5.

    I can’t recall any AD&D monsters that can take +1 off a sword, IIRC Rust Monsters disenchant a weapon completely, not remove +1 (which is different to Nethack et al), so I can’t really explain why Raymond’s Vorpal Sword is +4. I think we’ll have to wait for Raymond to tell us in 2011.

    So, Beeblbrox, disagree if you like, but you can’t touch me, I am standing on "".

    Oh crap.

  7. santosh says:

    The search box is not working.

    Have to use good ol’ "<searchterm>" to search :(

    sorry for posting here.

  8. steveg says:

    Nitpick: How many *non*-enchanted +4 vorpal swor….

    HOLY CRAP! Raymond just sliced my arm off!

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