Mr. Lee CatCam lets you see what a cat does all day

Jürgen Perthold modified a lightweight camera and hung it around his cat's neck, snapping a picture every few minutes. Join Mr. Lee on a trip through the neighborhood. If those trips aren't enough, you can also see what Jacquie is up to.

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  1. J says:

    When I was researching gps loggers a while back I was introduced to the fun world of cat tracking.  I never got my cats used to wearing collars when they were young though so unfortunately I don’t think I could ever do it myself.

  2. Jeff says:

    Shameless plug for local Seattle photographer cat, Cooper:

  3. mike says:

    What you discover is that what most cats do all day is "not much."

  4. Mike (different one) says:

    @Mike: well, if you had someone giving you free food and shelter and were flexible enough to be able to lick "down there", what would you do all day?

    yes, i’m sure we’d all pick the "go to work" option :)

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