I saw a fascinating documentary about bugs

In the September 20, 2007 Dilbert comic, Dilbert says to his date, "I saw a fascinating documentary about bugs."

A Year in the Life of Ants.

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  1. nathan_works says:

    All I can think of from looking at those pictures is "Phase IV"

  2. Moritz Beutel says:

    2007? The length of the backlog is clearly showing :)

    [It’s actually older than that. I had this link in my “post on a slow day” queue for over a year, and then the Dilbert comic appeared and I said, “Awesome, now I have a lead-in!” -Raymond]
  3. Off-topic and not a suggestion.

    "German language adds 5,000 words"


  4. mike says:

    Ants rule. Sort of literally. E. O. Wilson: "When combined, all ants in the world taken together weigh about as much as all human beings. But being so finely divided into tiny individuals, this biomass saturates the terrestrial environment."

  5. Olivier says:

    Talking about ants, I recommend everybody to read "Empire of the Ants", "The Day of the Ants" and "The Revolution of the Ants" from Bernard Werber. Very nice and interesting books.

  6. Brian Tkatch says:

    You post two a day and you *still* have a such a back log?

    Sheesh Raymond, forget the book. Sell the backlog. :)

  7. Ulric says:

    I saw a fascinating article about Scott Adams on Wired just a few minutes ago, about how he lost his voice


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