Caption contest: The pinball machine: Results

It's been quite a while, but a winner in the caption contest has been selected and the prize finally reached its destination. (Mostly due to procrastination on my part. Don't blame the postal service.)

The winner is Scott from Australia with his entry

Only 5,000 more referrals until MULTIBALL

Even though it's kind of low-brow, it made me laugh spontaneously.

For his efforts, Scott wins a deluxe prize package consisting of

  • Exchange 2010 laptop skin
  • I'm a PC sticker and yoyo
  • Windows 7 stress ball
  • Assorted logo pens (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Microsoft Office)
  • TSA-approved Microsoft travel lock (so he can travel to our country should he be so inspired)
  • Miscellaneous historical items from the wayback drawer
    • Windows Me pen
    • Microsoft Bob lapel pin
    • Microsoft 20th anniversary kazoo
    • Temporary tattoos: Windows 2000, Windows 95, OLE (who knew they even had a logo!), Microsoft Visual Tools, MSN, Microsoft BackOffice.

Here's Scott's acceptance speech:

I'd like to thank all the letters that made the caption possible - the O, the N, the R, and especially the L - that little guy really pulled his weight. And thank you to the 1990's, for coming up with blogs, so that I could one day win a caption contest.

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  1. John says:

    A Windows ME pen?!?!  You are going straight to Hell.

  2. TJ says:

    Windows 95 temporary tattoos…that is so geekishly awesome that I almost want one (almost). The mental image just cracks me up.

  3. Scott says:

    That isn’t the best part – there was a "Windows – 20 Years" kazoo! My wife asked what OLE was, and I really couldn’t, so the kazoo was a great way to distract her.

    The stress ball unfortunately has had the Windows 7 logo fall off – Hopefully that is a known issue that will be fixed in the RTM Ball

  4. Nick Tompson says:

    Scott, I believe the logo falling off is "by design".

  5. J says:

    I agree with the winning pick.  A lot of the entries .. ahem .. could have been better, but that one was truly funny.

  6. GSerg says:

    Um… For us non-native speakers, would it be possible to reveal the point a little bit?

    I enjoyed captions thrown in by Raymond as a starter, but this one is probably a true winner as the humor is a bit hard to conceive.

  7. Gwyn says:

    @GSerg: I think it is more a pinball joke – most modern pinball games have a "multiball" mode, when you get to a certain high score or complete some series of shots multiball is enabled which allows you to maximise your bonus.

  8. Hedgeek says:

    Bravo Scott, I think your acceptance speech says it all.


    Someone was digging very deep into the back of his desk to assemble such an assortment of swaggity swag.

  9. eff Five says:

    @TJ You could always get a real one like this guy

  10. HagenP says:

    <quote>[…Parting with the Microsoft Bob lapel pin was the hardest part… -Raymond]</quote>

    Does Bob Kjelgaard know that you gave away his pin? ;-)

    (SCNR. Bob also has an MSDN blog I happen to read sometimes.)

  11. peterchen says:

    Conga rats, Scott!

    @Hedgeek: >>digging


    [No, it’s just junk that I keep around for sentimental reasons. Parting with the Microsoft Bob lapel pin was the hardest part… -Raymond]
  12. Scott says:

    If it makes the loss any easier to cope with, I wore the lapel pin with pride to work on Friday.

  13. CmraLvr2 says:

    Congrats Scott.  Checked out GuidedByCharts.  Very humorous.  Subscribed. =D

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