Last tube standing: The Cardboard Tube Fighting League

Dodge, parry, thrust. Welcome to the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. (I happened to be in Gasworks Park for a totally unrelated reason and managed to catch the final battle of the Seattle branch's 2008 Tournament.)

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  1. nathan_works says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.. I didn’t see any safety gear in those flikr pictures..

  2. John says:

    For anybody who didn’t get the reference.

  3. John says:


    *some more text to get around the minimum length filter*

  4. BA says:

    The first appearance of the tube.

  5. Cheong says:

    Nathan: The rule says you can’t stab, and you can’t hit others’ face on purpose. I guess it’s safe enough…

    Just a bit unclear about the rules:

    Point 9 says you cannot use shields, then at the bottom of page says cardboard shields and armors are allowed. If I use cardboard shields to block others tube, the tube will very likely to break.

    So the secret of victory is to just use your sheild to break others’ tube? :P

  6. Harisenbon says:

    Reminds of Amtgard which is pretty much the same thing except with foam-covered PVC weapons.

    During highschool this was what my friends and I did every weekend. It’s amazing how much of a workout you get. My friend remarked years later that it was the buffest that we had ever been.

  7. Random832 says:

    @Cheong Try reading it again keeping in mind that there is a distinction for "tournaments" vs "battles".

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