Qrystal does more research into those spam blogs

Blogger Qrystal got hit with blog trackback spam and did research into the phenomenon, even discovering the author trying to sell the spam blog.

And he had to cut the price because Google AdSense has cut him off. Ha, ha, haaahhhhh~!

(Read the blog entry for the spammer's for-sale offers and other linkity goodness.)

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  1. nathan_works says:

    Interesting quote in the article:

    <blockquote type=’cite’>Honestly, though, it sickens me that there is so much effort put forth to try and obtain money without having to earn it by providing something of value. At least it seems there’s checks and balances against these efforts!</blockquote>

    That could be applied to many things. Current feelings about wall street financial folks strongly included.

  2. Yeti says:

    I once researched this phenomenon myself, after being hit by it. Thanks to your post (or the message you quoted) I now know why I did miss the point at that time:

    I use Mozilla with AdBlock Plus, so I see no ads …


  3. Greg says:

    Remove pingback, dotnetkicks and other spam comments from MSDN blogs to improve things greatly.

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