Freudian typo? The spinlock

I was typing up a document and somehow accidentally misspelled spinlock as sinlock.

I was tempted to leave it.

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  1. Ken says:

    Brings to mind another infamous event where temptation led to sinlock.

  2. Matt says:

    sinlock might be a good band name.  I love you, Dave Barry.

  3. caywen says:

    Heh, I was once trying to type "semaphore" in my code, but it came out "MUST KILL…"

    Hehe, silly me.

  4. Morten says:

    A freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.

  5. I have some specialized treeview-esque control I’ve been writing in WPF, and the visual elements get names like trunk, branches, etc. After writing some particularly intricate rendering code I noticed that the variable that was supposed to be called isCloseToTrunk was actually named isCloseToDrunk.

  6. Tony Arkles says:


    You’re not the only one!  Lots of people make that mistake, I think.

  7. Ian Johns says:

    Your penance is to give up typos for Lent.

  8. sharvil says:

    Unless I try really *really* hard, "python" always ends up as "pythong". I can’t possibly be the only one…right?

  9. Morten says:


    Oh dear. So a freudian slip is what you put on before you go see a therapist. Should have guessed…

    Also, possibly, the therapist will be wearing freudian slippers in h[is|er] office.

    /me needs to go and lie down a bit…

  10. manicmarc says:

    I hate the word count. I am always mistyping it.

  11. kokomo says:

    die /w  

    Hmmm the spam-detector gnome didn’t eat this.

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