Totally Recall: The meal

At lunch, we got the crazy idea of putting together a meal menu consisting entirely of foods which had been the subject of highly-publicized product recalls. And of course, we gave it a name consisting of a really bad pun: Totally Recall.


Green leaf lettuce with tomatoes, green onions, and jalapeno peppers.

Main course

Swimming Rama: Spinach with peanut sauce and stir-fried beef.


Odwalla juice.


? Suggestions welcome. (White Rabbit candies?)

And if you don't like this meal, you can just go to the Jack in the Box restaurant down the street.

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  1. ton says:

    And the creepy thing is that Jack in the Box is running ads now that feature the mascot in the hospital with a life threatening illness. It makes me wonder did he get sick from eating at his own restaurant? :-)

  2. Puckdropper says:

    A certain large foods store had a recall on their brand of cookies recently.  It was related to the Peanuts, though, so it might not be too different.

    The worst thing about the tomato recall was that it wasn’t the tomatoes at fault!

  3. Mark says:

    Not quite a recall, but nobody’s getting any smoked bacon & egg ice-cream:

  4. keithmo says:

    Mark’s comment gave me food for thought (ugh).

    You can serve Ben & Jerry’s for dessert:

  5. Well, peanut butter has been recalled in some forms.  Any dessert containing peanut butter might not be a good thing.

  6. chrismcb says:

    If you call getting hit by a bus a life threatening illness..

  7. AT says:

    Lucky Americans, you have a lot of delicious stuff we don’t have here in Europe… LOL

  8. Qian says:

    There’s been a recent recall of imported (from the U.K.) Stilton cheese in the U.S. and Canada.  It’d be good either in the salad or served after the meal with some port (unfortunately not recalled, as far as I know).

  9. Worf says:

    One of my coworkers has the distinction of visiting a Jack in the Box (on purpose, for he never been there and wanted to go) and not spending the next day making peace offerings to the porcelain altar.

    The rest of us avoid naturally.

    Still, how did this situation come to pass?

  10. ::Wendy:: says:

    With a bottomless pit of Dasani water available throughout the meal.

  11. George Jansen says:

    I don’t have the "Death by Chocolate" recipe handy, but surely it must have some ingredients that may have been subject to recalls.

  12. gatorspike says:

    With all the good things available in the states that Europe has you’d think we could get some of the mad-cow beef the UK brags about so much.

  13. ton says:


    I’ll admit I got the details wrong. That’s mainly because I absolutely loathe commercials of *all* kinds. I usually have the mute button active when commercials start and the images that stood out for me was the mascot in the hospital. At any rate, Jack in the Box food is not humane… :-)

  14. John Muller says:

    I mostly go to Jack in the Box, on the principle that they would never let it happen again (and that I can never recall them making a mistake with an order of mine).

    Undercooked hamburger meat was pretty common back then, there are even signs in MS cafeterias today that they will not serve undercooked hamburger meat. Steak is fine to have rare, but ground meats should never be served without being fully cooked.

    Taco Bell… I used to go to the one near MS main campus; every other one would make me sick, but that one was OK… until I learned from someone who used to work there… That they have ‘Tacos’ and ‘Chicken Tacos’, not specifically stating the prior taco type is Beef… the filling came in boxes labeled "caramel colored taco filling".

  15. mbghtri says:

    For a few years after the big Jack in the Box problems, they were by far the cleanest and most meticulously kept restaurant around.

    Hamburger patties more than 10 minutes old would get tossed in the trash.  In fact, if a single customer reported getting a patty with the slightest bit of red in the middle, the new policies required the cook to be FIRED on the spot. If the cook touched a cooked burger with the same tongs used to handle raw meat, they would be immediately fired.

    Whether they are like that anymore I don’t know, but at the time I considered it the safest restaurant in town.

  16. Neil says:

    @Wendy – ah yes, Dasani. I remember it well, and was very perturbed when visiting the US for the first time this year that in Disneyworld the only bottled water for sale was Dasani.

  17. Igor Levicki says:

    Odwalla reminds me of a Serbian word "odvala" — it is a slang for when someone says something funny. Comes from the word "odvaliti" (to break off something).

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