Superthunderstingcar is go!

If you are an old geezer, you'll remember supermarionated shows, the most famous of which is Thunderbirds. And if you're not an old geezer, then this amazing spoof by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore will mean nothing to you. (You will also have no idea who Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are.)

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  1. Nathan_works says:

    Which is more hokey, the marionette type shows, or the super-imposed moving mouth on static prints ? (ie Clutch Cargo )

  2. slipclutch says:

    oh man I was wondering if someone else would remember Clutch.  And the parody was great!

  3. Absorbine_Sr says:

    Ah, Derek and Clive… God rest their souls.

  4. Sohail says:

    Is old getting younger or am I old now (27)?

    Very well done in any case.

  5. Matt says:

    If you’re like me and didn’t know what International Rescue is, you can find out here:

    The parody was actually pretty funny anyway, but it’s more impressive when you see the original.

  6. Larry Smith says:

    Perhaps the worst part of being an old geezer is having to decide what to have for dinner — frog a la peche, or peche a la frog!

  7. davidlmorris says:

    I once worked with someone who raised their elbows high and had their fingers crashing down on the keyboard in a rather heavy and awkward fashion.  We described that as the Thunderbirds school of typing.

  8. Jeremy Evans says:

    I bought a Pete & Dud video (VHS – remember that?) for Dad about 20 years ago – he was always a fan of theirs – and watched this soon after a rash of re-runs of Thunderbird & Stingray. I don’t think I have laughed as much before or since.

    I can’t say it’s the greatest parody ever, but it’s still damn funny after all these years.

  9. TB says:

    I’m not an old geezer, and I have no idea Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are… But I do know Thunderbirds and love the spoof.

  10. Owen Pellegrin says:

    I’m not an old geezer and don’t know who either of those dudes are but that video’s funny regardless.

  11. Greg Lyon says:

    The supermarionated show I liked as a kid was Fireball XL5.

  12. Fujin says:

    Is it bad that I read that as "Super-Mario-nated" show? Video games stole my mind when I was younger.

  13. In their heyday (most of the 1960s), Peter Cook & Dudley Moore were as popular as Monty Python were about ten years later – indeed the pythons have acknowledged them as an influence several times over.

    Sadly, much of their material has been permanently wiped and lost forever, which is very common for BBC recordings in the 1960s, and only a few episodes of "Not Only … But Also" survive, which is probably the contents of the video Jeremy has. There was a color series made for ITV around 1968/69 which has also been wiped off the face of the earth. People seem to remember Derek & Clive the most because these were distributed as audio LPs and were less prone to permanent erasure.

    As well as "superthunderstingcar" some of my favourites are "One Leg Too Few" (a man with one leg applies for the role of Tarzan), "Bo Duddley" and "The Leaping Nuns of St Beryl". Actually, the latter makes an appearance in their cult film "Bedazzled" (ignore the version the Americans remade about ten years ago – it’s nothing to do with it apart from the name) which you can get on DVD now.

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