Microspeak: Recommends (noun)

I have only one citation, but the usage is so egregious to me that one citation is all I need.

I'm looking for XYZ recommends. My requirements are...

Why write recommendations when you can shorten it to recommends and sound buzzwordier at the same time!

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  1. John says:

    It could be worse; in the very near future we may have Microtext (i.e. texting):

    bf of -> buffer overflow

    prv esc -> privilege escalation

    rmt cd exc – remote code execution

    sqrt -> squirt

  2. Mark says:

    John: fantastic.  u msd onbrd tho

  3. Michael Stum says:

    Was this written by a non-english person by any chance? At my workspace we have a similar mixup between the existing "reimbursement" and the non-existing "reimbursal". Reason is simply that english is the official language at work, but the majority of people have english as a second language, including me.

  4. 1984 says:

    Is Microspeak related to Newspeak by any chance?

  5. Patrick S says:

    I might be ruining the joke, but please tell me "once citation" was intentional. Or intends. Whatever.

  6. Mark says:

    @John – Haha…

    A lot of these terms have nice short abbreviations already, so I don’t think your microtext samples will take off…

    buffer overflow -> BO

    privilege escalation -> EoP (Elevation of Privilege)

    remote code execution -> RCE

  7. Evan says:

    A lot of confusion around using a verb as a noun happens with people speaking English as a second language. They are probably aware of the grammatical difference (meaning they know a noun has to go to that part of the sentence), but just use the verbs out of habit. I see a similar example in the question "Can I get a compile of XYZ?" when they mean they want a collection of answers for the XYZ problem.

  8. AndyC says:

    Hehe, that’s a new one on me. What really worries me though is that I coud not only read, but also understand, Mark’s comment!

  9. tsilb says:

    “once citation” – Microspeak too?

    [Just a typo (fixed). -Raymond]
  10. Isaac says:

    Seems to fit a similar pattern to invite/invitation. "Did you get an invite to XYZ?" rather than "Did you get an invitation to XYZ?".

    "Did you send out invites yet?"

    And so on.

  11. Duke of New York says:

    Maybe the person who wrote it is a Mormon.

  12. It sounds better in Gollum.

    I’m looking for XYZ recommendses, preciousss… My requirementses are…

  13. duggie says:

    I have used "recs" instead of "recommendations" when the context is clear.

  14. Boris says:

    What about "recoms", BSG-style?

  15. Joe Chung says:

    See also:  asks (n.), spends (n.).

  16. Mark says:

    duggie: that must be hard, given that recs is pronounced the same as reqs.

  17. Dustman says:


    English survived the telegraph. Well, sort of. This too will pass.

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