I think I can read the bassoonist’s music from here

An insane 1.4-gigapixel image of Obama's inaugural address.

All it needs is a guy in the audience dressed like Waldo.

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  1. WaldoFinder says:

    I found waldo he is sitting behind the large white tower in the center-right. He appears to be about ~20ft behind the tower and he is holding a camera, sitting directly on the ground.

    [Holy cow, you’re right! -Raymond]
  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  It looks as if Clarence Thomas fell asleep in the audience…  (A few yards behind Obama, to the left of Scalia.)

  3. Ens says:

    WaldoFinder is my hero effective immediately.  Contract specifies at least 4 hours of herodom before replacement.  Hero-dom is thereafter at-will.

  4. Leo Davidson says:

    Neat photo. :)

    There’s a Photosynth of the event, too:


    Not one of the best examples I’ve seen of Photosynth but interesting all the same. (Some of the ones on the website are great.) I like the way the people on the stage change as you move around it due to it using images taken at different times. It’s quite a surreal effect.

  5. Wow says:

    At first I thought he snapped 220 cameras at the same time to make that gigantic pic. That’s not unrealistic considering 120 cameras were used to shoot a car commercial, see  http://breezesys.com/MultiCamera/index.htm

    Assuming each of those Canon 30D + lens is $1000 (quantity discount!), that’s $120k of cameras for one commercial.

  6. foo says:

    Waldo? You mean Wally? http://www.findwally.co.uk/

    or Charlie, Walter, Holger, Willy …

  7. Bob says:

    Aretha looks a bit odd…looks like their photo assembly has a few glitches.  (She’s a few rows behind Cheney.)

  8. Robert F says:

    There’s a pair of lower legs with no person attached, about one quarter of the width of the photo from the left, just below the waist high fence.

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