xkcd breaks the news on the new Windows 7 user interface

Last week, Web comic xkcd covered the new Windows 7 user interface. Unfortunately, they got the wrong operating system. It was Windows XP that had a picture of Hitler (according to a few of our beta testers).

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  1. johnstok says:

    I had assumed the cartoon referred to this recent post by Tony Morris?


  2. Rick C says:

    Is this perhaps the most timely post ever by Raymond?

  3. zbychuk says:

    What some people find obscene? Our website http://dancesportinfo.net is completely about ballroom and latin dancing and as part of it has a search for a dance partner. One obviouos question about partner is its sex (gender), i.e. combobox where you can chose male and female. As result of it this page could be found on the list of porno(!) pages. Someone, very "wisely",  put together words ‘Search for partner’ and ‘sex’ on the same page.

  4. CDarklock says:

    I’ve always wondered if Microsoft Usability has a secret list of easily-offended people that always find things like this, so they can run the "insanity check" on products nearing RTM.

  5. Not johnstok says:


    I imagine he used the comic as a segue, rather than believing that XKCD actually though out more of a joke than "WINDOWS IS RUBBISH" :)

  6. Not johnstok either (Medinoc) says:

    @Not johnstok: You seem to be assuming that the blog post is posterior to the comic, or that johnstok himself implied this. You are mistaken.

    The blog post is a month old (Saturday, December 13th, 2008 at 7:30 pm) and johnstok implied that the comic is posterior to it and took inspiration from it.

  7. patrick says:

    Raymond Chen has always been a pathetic whiner.

  8. Dean Harding says:

    patrick: Unlike you, who clearly seems to be pretty good at it.

  9. Igor Levicki says:

    Raymond said: >>But it makes me wonder about the mental state of our beta testers…<<

    I keep wondering about that all the time, especially when a new product with retarded UI design decisions gets away from Redmond.

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