PDC 2008 notes: The aftermath

The Web page associated with my PDC 2008 talk has been updated to include the source code that I used for all of the demos.

Other remarks:

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  1. littleguru says:

    I was wondering in which mode the list view is in Windows Vista in the control panel applet that displays the mobile phones that are known to the OS – since extended tiles don’t work…

    Control PanelNetwork and InternetSync Center

    thank you!

  2. Shy Shalom says:

    Speaking of XPS files in that white paper site, how come if I have firefox as the default browser then XPSViewer will try to open XPSs with firefox? If its a format only IE supports that it’s silly to try to open it with any other browser.

  3. - says:

    Although it’s 100% offtopic I’m going to have to agree with Shy Shalom here: on my machine XPS files are basically unusable. I managed to find a way to read them, but your average user has zero chance of doing so. What a mess. To add insult to injury, Explorer was happily showing the thumbnail all the way through. Maybe if I made the thumbnail really big I’d be able to read the first page…

    Moreover, to take an unwarranted jab to that ill-fated format, losslessly converting it to PDF makes it a whooping 33% smaller.

  4. James Goodson says:

    Was great to have Wi-Fi that works during the keynotes….made research in real time a reality for the 1st time.  Saved me hours of work!

    Way to go Xirrus!

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